Your Ideal Sex Match Based On Your Personality

When it comes to personality, yours can give away so much more than the type of person you are. It can also define the type of woman you’re most attracted to, your sexual desires and what you want from a relationship.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is designed to discover psychological preferences in life and the results of the questionnaire can be applied to relationships to come up with the answer to an all-important question: What type of woman should I date and what am I actually looking for?

Your ideal relationship match

First of all, you need to discover your personality type. There are 16 types, split into four common traits – the Analysts, the Diplomats, the Sentinels and the Explorers. The Analysts include the Architect, the Logician, the Commander and the Debater. The Diplomats, meanwhile, feature the Advocate, the Mediator, the Protagonist and the Campaigner. If you fall under the Sentinels, you might be the Logistician, the Defender, the Executive or the Consul. The Explorers include the Virtuoso, the Adventurer, the Entrepreneur and the Entertainer. So which are you and what does it mean for your love life?

The Analysts:

The Architect loves to plan, but is imaginative and strategic in their thinking too. So you will love sexting about other things and coming up with a strategy for your after dark love activity.

The Logician is both innovative and an inventor, so are likely to be looking for new experiences and to break ground like never before to expand your sexual knowledge.

The Commander is a leader, finding a way to get the job in hand done. But equally, you’ll be turned on by female domination and the imaginativeness of it all.

The Debater thinks about things, a little too much perhaps, but that points to one particular turn on – voyeurism. The curious side of the personality makes you want to know what is going on and what others are up to.

The Diplomats:

The Advocate will be quite quiet in nature but also has a very inquisitive personality, and that makes sex talk a significant desire. They might not be the most forthright in the bedroom, but can be with persuasion.

The Mediator is kind and out to please but their love for all things poetic make them a lover of a story with a dream ending. They love nothing more than being wrapped up in romance.

The Protagonist may be charismatic and inspiring, but they are exhibitionists and love nothing more than being the centre of attention. The more you give them the more they get turned on.

The Campaigners have a free spirit and their creative side makes them up for just about anything when it comes to the bedroom. You can reach ultimate goals on the sexual spectrum with these.

The Sentinels:

The Logistician is very reliable and you won’t be left wondering where your partner is or whether they are turning up for your date. They are very practical too, but will need arousing with some sex talk.

The Defender will protect their partner any which way they can. They are very dedicated and if you’re looking to become a dream team with your partner in and out of the bedroom, this one is for you.

The Executive is supreme at managing things and situations, so you can expect them to take full control in the bedroom. If domination and direction is a turn on, start dating an Executive.

The Consul is arguably the most willing to please, so time between the sheets will all be about making you orgasm than about their own enjoyment. This caring sort is the ideal sexual partner.

The Explorers:

The Virtuoso is all for experimentation and is known for making bold decisions They will really know how to spice up sex lives, so expect toys and other sex aids to play a big part in your relationship.

The Adventurer is an artist, one with incredible flexibility too. Always will to try new things and experience something new, you will be working your way through the Karma Sutra before you know it.

The Entrepreneur isn’t going to try to make money out of you! They’re a risk taker, a people’s person and will want to be in control of the situation. So roleplay and domination should be on the cards.

The Entertainer ensures life is never boring, but you’ll need to have plenty of energy to keep up with them. Spontaneous and enthusiastic, you’ll be turned on and performing in places you never imagined – perhaps even in groups.

Finding the right personality to date is crucial to a long-lasting or seriously entertaining and enjoyable relationship. Take the Myers-Briggs test, discover your personality type and it will tell you a lot about your desires, lusts and ideal woman. You can then start enjoying a love life you were born for.