Signs a Woman is Flirting With You

If we can make it easier to understanding women within the dating context then we shall certainly try. It’s no secret that it can be a minefield when trying to work out how women flirt or whether a woman is flirting with you or not.

The confusion succeeds a long list of flirting signs that come in all shapes and sizes, however, the majority of which are very much a subtle hint that they may, or may not be interested. How to tell if a woman is flirting with you does seem like an impossible task, however read on to see our top signs to look out for when chatting with or dating women.

Eye, Eye
Giving ‘the eye’ is a classic romantic sign that is used right across the dating world. However, this very powerful sign or ‘look’ can confuse us all. In which case by using opposite ends of the spectrum as a measure is a good idea, holding eye contact for long periods shows interest or not making very much eye contact at all is often a good indicator that they are into you.

The Fidget
Fidgeting with accessories such as hair, a watch or jewellery can often be used to flirt. If your date is interested then they may well be nervous and unable to keep still, their heart is beating and this comes across as an inability to sit still and fidget. This inability to stay in control of our feelings and emotions gives your date away as interested, curious and wants to know more.

High End
When chatting with women try picking up on the tone and speed of their voice, during the conversation if she is interested in you this speed and tone will go up. She may well speak to her friends normally, and in control, because she feels comfortable. However if you notice a higher pitch or faster speed when she talks to you then this can mean she is excited to be speaking with or even near you!

The Touch
Flirtatious touching can be hard to pick up on, and deciding whether there is any romance behind it is difficult. However, don’t forget you do have your own personal space, and she knows that, she does not have to touch you at all! Next time your date touches you try to notice where and when, usually the middle of your back or arms, knee and hands is a good indicator she is flirting. Also if she plays with you, giggles along to your conversations, shoves, pushes and teases then this is a good sign she is happy and comfortable being with you.

Copy Cat
Watch out for your love interest mimicking or copying your movements and if your own body language is being mirrored then she is trying to connect with you on a subliminal level. If your lady of love copies your tone of voice, or style of talking, even your vocabulary this is also an indication they are interested and they don’t even mean to show it. Test her copycat theory by getting yourself comfortable and leaning on to the table between you or photocopierin work and watch her adjust her body language and seating position to mimic your change of approach, closing the space between you both and mimicking each other’s body language is a great way to get on to the same page!