How to win a woman's heart

Every man has wondered just how to win a woman’s heart at one point or another. Most have asked the same question over and over again in the search of love. So what exactly is the answer?
Well, in truth there isn’t a right and wrong answer. It’s a horses for courses thing. What woos one woman can turn another off and wondering why she gave you the time of day in the first place. It is all about finding the right track and discovering the right way to a woman’s heart because everyone is different.

Some like flowers, others like compliments. Some want sweeping off their feet or to enjoy mad passionate love affairs with a best friend, others want to be flirted with or treated like a princess. How to conquer a woman’s heart has so many possible paths and many are winding. Here are some tactics that should help.

Be Yourself

It might seem obvious but you’re never going to win over a woman if you’ve told her you are something you’re not. How to win over a woman the easy way is just to be yourself. If she likes you for being you, then you’re in. If she doesn’t move on to someone who is interested in you for being you. Just don’t tell her things to impress that will come back to bite you.

Pay Compliments

Women like compliments and if you’re wondering how to win her over then the spoken word is undoubtedly one of the best ways. Tell her how attractive she is, tell her how gorgeous her smile or bum is, tell her she has the funniest sense of humour or a piercing set of eyes. Tell her how much she turns you on and how much you want her. Make her feel extra special.

Treat Her Well and Be Generous

Forget the old phrase “treat them mean, keep them keen”. If you to win a woman’s heart and keep it, you need to treat her well. If you don’t, she won’t hang around forever and will be off to find love elsewhere. Be generous and treat her well. That’s doesn’t mean splashing out on lavish gifts every day of the week or whisking her off to expensive hotels every weekend. You can impress her more subtly. Buy her flowers or little gifts that mean something (her favourite chocolate bar, drink or item of clothing), pay for dinner or drinks and show her the lifestyle you can offer…but still afford. You’ll enjoy some memorable adult times if she knows you care.

Be Spontaneous

One way to a woman’s heart is to be spontaneous. We’ve all heard of the phrase “vanilla” and that translates as boring. Don’t get sucked into the mundane or everyday life. Be spontaneous. Go for ad-hoc days out, book a table for a meal at short notice, take her out for drinks she wasn’t expecting. It keeps her, you and the relationship on its toes. And she’ll know life with you will never be dull.

Make Love to Her Like You Mean It

Every woman has needs, so make love to her like you mean it. Boring sex won’t win her heart. She wants to be turned on, she wants to be excited and she wants memorable fun with her man. Make sure you give it to her, so to speak, and you’ll have her heart forever.