Open Marriages and Married Dating

Not every married couple feels compelled to be monogamous. While society has very narrow views of what marriage means, there are some who embrace a more open lifestyle. Tradition dictates that husband and wife will only be sexually intimate with each other so long as they are married. That has been changing slowly with ideals such as free love and independence for married individuals. For married couples who desire more variety in their sex lives and want to continue with their marriage, joining a married dating site can add to their relationship.

Defining an Open Marriage

A traditional marriage is closed off to outside sex partners. An open marriage is one where both spouses are in an agreement that they may enjoy sex with others outside the marriage. This open policy is not the same as a marriage where partners cheat on each other. Openness is combined with honesty, and many involved in them say that their relationships are stronger rather than weakened by sharing each other.

Communication: The Key to Success

Before a couple in an open marriage adds affair dating to their lives they must sit down and discuss the boundaries they both want to set. Without clear communication open marriages can slide into gray areas, and become unhealthy. Affair dating can be very exciting, but rather than risk hurting their marriage, couples should decide ahead of time what circumstances might arise that would cause them to stop pursuing sex with other people.

Finding Lovers on Married Dating Sites

One popular avenue for married couples to find new sex partners is married dating sites. They cater specifically to married people and this allows everyone to be open about their interest in finding physical relationships without any expectation for emotional intimacy, no strings attached.

Sharing the Fun

One benefit of a website specifically created for married dating is that a couple can browse profiles together looking for new sex partners. If you are a fan of swinging or group sex you can also find other couples who would like to play all night. You may develop long-term friendships with these new couples and have many memorable times together.


There are benefits for couples in open marriages that come with more sex partners, such as adding variety to their sex lives. At the same time they get to retain the strong intimacy they have with each other. Affair dating also opens up another world of erotic opportunities. Couples in open marriages are often happier with each other in part due to these outside affairs. They can have freedom without giving up the emotional connection they have with their spouse.

Married dating is about more than people seeking affairs without the knowledge of their spouses. It can be a shared adventure for couples to spend time together as well as enliven their sex life. As long as both partners agree to this lifestyle it can be very beneficial for the marriage for years to come.