Why Do Guys Like Fat Girls?

Today let’s discuss men's options and what they think regarding dating fat women. Yes, maybe for some people, it is a sensitive topic, but it can help some men and women find their soulmates and avoid their complexes. Should women lose weight, gain weight, pump muscle? What men are thinking about it. When a girl has some hobbies and she is a bright woman, she attracts attention whether she gained a little weight or fat, or slim. If the woman really does what she likes, she brings positive vibes and good energy that attracts men. Even in their appearance and look, you can find something special. A person is passionate about something, she has a gleam in her eyes, she quickly thinks, quickly speaks. It may be overly spontaneous things or she can make mistakes, but she is not afraid of them. Such women attract guys. But let’s still focus on the female figure.

Men Who Like Big Women

The question of which girls with what parameters men prefer has always been and will be debatable. Thin or puffy, an hourglass or a pumped body - yes, we are all different and diverse but what really do our men choose? Usually, most of us try or tried to “fit” ourselves to a certain type of “model look and appearance”. To a greater extent, this is dictated by the desire to please the opposite sex. Maybe you’ve been sitting on all kinds of diets, and it always seemed to you that thin men really like thin women and the ones who take care of them. But how often does our opinion and vision of the “ideal” type coincide with reality and what we really want?

Do Men Consider Slim Types of Figure Attractive?

We all have different tastes. Sometimes, you can see and wonder “why do black guys like fat white girls or why do fat girls like skinny guys”. However, we are all different and have the right to date people we like and find matches for hookup, love, or serious relationships. That is why online dating sites help us to easily find the exact users by interests, age, and other set priorities. For some men, girls who are slim could be estimated as unattractive. There is no desire to start dating such women. There is no doubt that at different times there were different views on female beauty. But this type looks unattractive for some men, which is normal.

Benefits of Dating a Fat Chick

Lots of men consider this type to be not only attractive but they see lots of benefits of dating fat women. To be ideal for guys, girls try to lose weight and that could bring stress for both a man and a woman. Sometimes, it is a choice that depends on sexuality. Chubby girls are considered to be more passionate. Yes, miniature women for guys are also very attractive and they could be passionate too. There are many who are striving for exactly this type. However, some men are more open to a relationship with fat girls as they think they are more open., happier and sexier.

Dating When You're Fat

Women can pretend that the opinion of men regarding our appearance is completely uninteresting, and we use fitness, massages and other beauty techniques exclusively in the name of self-love. Nevertheless, everyone wants to know what exactly in girls seems to the guys the most attractive. And that’s really important when we think of dating when you are fat. Based on data from surveys and studies, American experts ranked the sexiest parts of the fat female body, and, you know, it really surprises. Contrary to popular belief, the boobs in this rating were not in the first place. So let’s check the list and find out what men like in fat women and how you can start dating when you are fat. But let's do it in order. So:

  • 10th place in the ranking of the sexiest parts of the girl’s body went to the ankles. As it turned out, graceful, accentuated by high-heeled shoes, they literally drove men crazy.
  • 9th place in the ranking of sexy body parts was - neck. There is the logic in this, and it does not need to be explained.
  • The 8th place is occupied by the back, so don’t be shy to put on open dresses, also try to bend slightly in the lower back in front of the guy and watch his reaction.
  • 7th is the lucky number for the female tummy. It should be feminine, a steel press is not the prerogative of men.
  • 6th place is occupied by feet. Men find them very touching and sexy, some guys even love to kiss them during foreplay.
  • 5th place in the rating of attractiveness for men took hips. Since the representatives of the stronger sex themselves cannot boast of rounded hips, they consider this part to be feminine and seductive.
  • 4th place takes the chest and boobs in particular and the female neckline as a whole. Again, this part of the body anatomically distinguishes us from men, therefore, at the animal, instinctive level, they always turn their attention to it.
  • 3rd place of honor went to the backside and bum. The bigger and rounder it is, the better. At least that's what men think. Perhaps this explains the popularity of such a figure as Kim Kardashian.
  • 2nd place in the hit list of sexuality guys gave to the lips. According to the study, when viewing a series of photos of girls, men highlight lips, after which they can colorfully describe them. Of course, chubby lips are especially honored, but not terrible “duck” lips, full of filler. Natural beauty is the best one in most opinions.
  • 1st place in the ranking of the most attractive parts of the fat girl’s took eyes! A lively, playful, bold look always plays a decisive role when you think about whether to approach this girl or not.

Final Thoughts

Where to meet for a chubby girl for a serious relationship? According to the observations of psychologists, girls and women are most often concerned about this issue too. However, they can start using a free online dating site to find matches. Here is what the psychologists say about such an option: “You can work out some techniques for establishing contact and a small conversation online can bring confidence and new dates with emotionally colored memories. It is the simplest technique to start from when dating online.” Find new ways of meeting chubby women and begin a new adventure in your love life at IamNaughty.com!