How to Turn up the Heat in the Bedroom

There are so many sex tips out there that after a ten-minute online search, it’s no surprise you’re left feeling exhausted. However, one sex tip that’s sure to get both parties going is dirty talk. That’s right; use some naughty words to please, not only your other half but also yourself.

For many, dirty talk in the bedroom can be a real challenge. Admittedly, it doesn’t come naturally to some people who find it awkward or embarrassing. However, the key to perfecting the dirty version of the language of love is to let your inhibitions go and really get into it. You may feel like a fool at first, but soon, you’ll be so into it that you won’t care what anyone thinks. Your lucky lay will also be enjoying it which will make an explosive sexual session for both parties. What more could you want!

How to Talk Dirty In Bed

Talking dirty is all about building up to a level where you feel confident enough to be able to say things that you probably wouldn’t say in day-to-day life. In all honestly, once you’re in the throes of passion, dialogue can begin to flow very naturally – it usually only needs a little push from your inner sexual goddess.

What to Say During Sex

Everyone is different, and therefore, certain types of dirty talk will work for some and not others. If you’re new to it, start off by asking some easy but erotic questions or sexy statements such as:

• Do you like what I’m doing?

• Do you like how this feels?

• Do you want more?

• This feels so good

• Please don’t stop

These small and pleasant forms of communication are great in understanding the needs and wants of your sexual partner. These types of questions and statements can lead onto some even naughtier chat as things become steamier. In some relationships, some individuals get very turned on by being told what to do by more dominant lovers.

What Do Guys Want to Hear in Bed

Well, as we already know, not every red blooded male is the exact same, so, therefore, we’d presume that there isn’t one rule when it comes to what men want to hear in the bedroom. However, with that being said, it’s no secret that men like to hear complimentary statements when it comes to their manhood, performance, and sensuality.
Basically, anything that is positive and complementary to a man is sure to be a winner and you’ll no doubt be getting a call to go on a second (sex) date – especially if you give a man free reign of your body as you make love – most men just love having control, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Continue to have safe, healthy, and above all, dirty sex!