Gay Dating Advice – Here to Help!

Change of Tactic

How to date gay guys? You may not be doing anything wrong, you have a good network of friends, you take care of yourself, you enjoy looking smart, even your mates say they would date you if you weren’t, mates! So where is it going wrong? You may feel you have been single for way too long, which could mean you have been going about finding a man the wrong way, it’s time for a change of tactic.

Using the bars and clubs as your pick up points are starting to get old, week after week, the same faces. Well, why not broadening your search of where to meet gays by using a dating app or website. There are millions of people online awaiting the opportunity to chat, flirt and more importantly date. By tapping into this new source of single gay guys you are immediately putting yourself out there to ignite new conversations and new opportunities. Try more than one app, try new apps and try moving away from the mainstream, by creating this change you will create a new outcome, it’s a numbers game, get out there and take your pick!

Attending events

You may or may not feel comfortable with getting dressed up and attending events, but some gay dating advice for you is to most certainly get yourself out there. There are so many events and fundraisers to choose from, such as charity events, the LGBT calendar, galas and related causes that are close to your heart. My top dating tip for gay guys is if you feel like you don’t have the support or a “plus one” to go along to these events then please do not let this put you off. By bringing a plus one in the gay world this appears that you are already taken, sending out signals that you are off the market and out of the game. Rocking up to these events alone shows confidence, it sets your stall out, plus it also forces you to mingle, strike up conversations and getting to know others, rather than hiding away from opportunities with your plus one.

Make him your hobby

Gay dating tips don’t come much simpler than this, use your hobbies and interests to your advantage. You may already have a hobby up your sleeve, or you would like to try something new either way take up a class or a hobby that could have a shared interest. This is a great way to meet gay guys as you have already created a common ground from which to build on. By attending the gym, yoga, biking, cooking, photography classes will open up your horizons once more. The great advantage to this is the majority of these classes are free, or certainly very little cost and they already have a weekly structure which set up an ongoing opportunity to meet gay guys week after week.

If you want to change your approach to meeting gay men, then you must take control of your own situation. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen!