Would You Really Leave Your Partner for Someone Better?

Are you wondering if you would leave your partner if someone more attractive or funnier came along? That’s something you may only really know for sure until you’re in that position. However, robust research on fidelity, as well as on the “status quo bias” suggests that most people are inclined to stay with what is familiar to them. This consolidates relationships in the longer term, and over time partners become more attached, with a desire to protect what they have built with their partner over the years.

A wealth of appealing alternatives online

The status quo bias makes it difficult for people to leave relationships. This issue is even more relevant today when the prevalence of online dating sites mean that appealing alternatives are easily found. People are exposed to a dizzying array of alternative mate options. Despite this, studies reveal that most people would choose to stay with their partner instead of leaving them for someone newer and better. Underlying reasons why people may choose to remain in a relationship include the challenges of starting a new relationship and a reluctance to hurt the current partner.

When it might be time to leave

Staying with a partner may not always be the best decision in some cases. Some relationships, despite the fact they are familiar and comfortable, aren’t always healthy. In fact, they can be downright harmful, and it is in these relationships that breaking up may be the best route. For some people, they may think they’re perfectly happy in their relationship, and then they meet someone who changes everything. They see then that their current partner is not right for them, and they’re unable to un-see that. Sometimes, there is no way back and the only choice is for them to leave.

How can I leave my partner?

If you’re ready to leave your spouse, and you know for sure that there’s no way your relationship can continue, there are things you need to do before you walk out the door. It’s not a simple case of packing your bags and moving on, especially if you’re married or have children together. You need to think about where you will live, as well as how you will separate your finances. If you’re leaving your partner for “someone better”, have you discussed what will happen when you leave? If you have kids, will you all move in together? These are questions that need answering before you say goodbye to your old life with your partner. If you’re really thinking ‘how can I leave my spouse?’, you need to give it some serious thought and consideration first.

Research suggests that most people would choose to stay with their partner instead of leaving them for a more appealing alternative. As well as wanting to protect the considerable investments they’ve made in relationships, they’re also concerned about hurting their partner and simply don’t want to face the challenges of starting a new relationship. Sometimes, however, leaving may really be the best decision, especially if it’s unhealthy or meeting someone new has made you see the flaws and inadequacies in your relationship.