How Сan I Tell if My Co-Worker Likes Me?

Whether you work in an office or in a factory, you are going to be surrounded by a wide range of different people. It is actually quite common for co-workers to fall for each other, particularly as they can often know you better than friends or family. However, identifying whether someone is being friendly or flirting with you is where the difficulties can lie, so the signs below should give you some indication as to whether you married co-worker is just being friendly or wants more than friendship.

They spend time with you

Identifying how to tell if a co-worker likes you is about spotting the signs and the first one might be something as simple as realising that they spend a lot of time with you. They might follow you to the staff room, hang around your desk or talk to you at every given opportunity. This is one of those co-worker crush signs that are relatively easy to spot.

They talk about life outside of work

One of the signs that your co-worker likes you is the fact that they tell you about their life beyond the four walls of the office. They might give you hints of places they like to go and what they like to do in the hope that you will go there. These are real signs that your co-worker is into you.

They send you messages outside of work

Generally, people tend to forget about their co-workers and work once they finish for the day. If a co-worker sends you messages after work then you are clearly on their mind. The only reason they would be randomly messaging you is that they have a serious crush on you.

They remember the small details

You might have mentioned the date of your birthday or other important occasions in your life to them but they have remembered each and every one of them. These tiny details that they remember enables them to show you that they are thinking of you.

They take breaks with you

Break times at work are an opportunity for you to relax and take it easy. However, you might find that one co-worker has their breaks at the same time as you. They might offer you cups of tea or coffee and then they pick a seat right next to you. This is a sure sign that they are into you.

You hear about it from your co-workers

While you might think that a co-worker has a crush on you the real confirmation is when you hear about it from another colleague. This means that the colleague has confessed to them that they actually have a crush on you and so, the rumours have begun. If a colleague tells you, then the chances are, it might be true.

They have a crush – what do you do?

It might have come as a shock at first but whether you suspect that they have a crush or it has been confirmed by another colleague, you now have the chance to decide what you do. If you like them, then you could ask them out on a date or if you are already in a relationship then the chances are that they already know. Finding yourself in this position can either leave you feeling rather awkward or relishing the chance to date a colleague!