This Article Gives You the Best Lesbian Dating Advice

Flirting is not as easy as it seems. Some people might think of it like not-a-good-trait to possess. But relationship experts say that subtle flirts are the ones that keep the love alive. Some people are just naturally flirtatious while others become awkward. Bad flirting is the worst put-off. Flirting heightens confidence in your partner since she feels important and included. It might be risky when you are flirting with another woman and you are sure whether she is a lesbian or not. Flirting has its own set of rules that will be highlighted in the article. Read this article to get the hold of essential lesbian flirting tips.

Lesbian Dating Texting Rules

Dating usually starts with texting especially when you meet someone special on an online dating website. gives you the finest platform and chat and flirt with your partner. There are a few rules to think about:

1. Keep It Light and Breezy

Don’t bombard your partner with multiple texts at once but you have to keep the text running in. Text your partner at least 2-3 times a day just to check up on her. Tease her for not returning your texts. That should give an idea that you have been waiting for a response. A simple “Good morning” and “Good night” texts are also subtle hints of your flirtatious intentions.

2. Just Kidding

Let her know you are kidding every time you crack a joke. Also, make sure you don’t overdo the joking part because you might hurt her feelings in that process. If you are getting some offensive jokes, make sure you let your partners know that they are hurtful. Being honest is a part of flirting that cannot be ignored. Respecting each other’s boundaries is the number 1 rule of texting.

3. Use the Nickname

If you have a cute nickname, use it while texting. You will probably receive a response demanding explanation for the name. There you can explain how that nickname is cute and that it suits her. Coming up with a nickname means that your partner is special to you.

4. Use Emojis Well

There are a ton of emojis that express flirting. Use them wisely but don’t fill your text with them. Winking, tongue out, heart eyes, hugging, love overload, and evil grin emojis are signs of flirting. Use them once or twice when the text says something equivalent to that emoji.

How to Subtly Flirt With a Girl

You can have a long-term relation full when you keep the flirts going on. Flirts are an obvious sign of sexual attraction. Did you search “how to flirt with your girlfriend”? We have come up with an amazing list of flirting tips in a lesbian relationship:

  • Sit close to her touching her subtly. Note her movement if she is feeling uncomfortable or if she is embracing the touch.
  • Physical touching like a pat on the shoulder or back is a great sign of intimacy. Also, as your relationship progresses, you may put your hand on her thigh.
  • Deep and constant eye contact is the first lesson in flirting. If your partner asks you about it, move your eyes while saying “you are difficult to not stare at”
  • Being polite is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you will go out of your way to help her.
  • Humour is often the way to a girl’s heart. Jokes and humorous comments can loosen the tension between the both of you.
  • Notice her little habits like her eyes blink twice when she is anxious or that her gaze is always upwards while laughing.
  • Let her know whenever you are thinking about her. A small message ora call just to talk about how everything is going is a positive flirting sign.
  • Offer to pay at the cafe or get a drink for her at the bar. Don’t stress over it if she is willing to pay half or full. Respecting her wishes is important too.

How to Keep a Girl Interested

Nobody has a magic potion that can keep your girlfriend interested in you throughout your relationship. You and your partner have to put in equal efforts to keep up with the struggles of life. Let’s have a look at the best tips to keep your relationship alive:

  • Find reasons to compliment them. Don’t just bluntly shower compliments which do not make sense. For example, when she wears your favorite dress or when she ties her hair in a loose bun, tell her that she looks stunning.
  • Send little “Good Morning” or “Good night” texts that will keep her heart warm with love. Never stop texting even when you live together.
  • Special bedroom acts might also be helpful. Indulging in different types of sexual activities or roleplay might step-up your game.
  • Appreciate each other whenever you can. Every small appreciation whether it is about the house, or work, or looks, they count.
  • Holding her from behind or kissing her neck suddenly while she is cooking or working on the laptop also some other tips to be tried.
  • Pheromones are powerful hormones that can activate your sexual desire. Use nice perfumes after a shower or before bed to make your partner go crazy.
  • You might want to change your clothing style once in a while. If you wear full pants, replace them with butt-showing-short pants at home. That might spark some hidden interests.
  • If your partner has some form of sexual fetish, try to use those fetishes to lure them into the bedroom. Nothing works better than good sex in keeping the interest.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is enough to say that while doing all the above-mentioned things, remember you need to have fun. Flirting should not become a punishment for you. A few spontaneous changes can be great in a serious relationship. If you have a like-minded partner, you won’t have to struggle a lot to keep the relationship running. The tips entail the best possible ways. A few other things like a little jealousy, a long-distance relationship, and going on an adventure together can also help you with flirting. Make sure your jealousy doesn’t get the better of you. Be respectful, give each other space, and of course, have fun.