Pleasing a Man in Bed – Things Every Woman Should Know

Taking control

For all that they like to exude confidence, men can sometimes be more submissive between the sheets. But they’ll definitely appreciate it if you initiate certain moves. If you’ve ever wondered about how to please a man in bed sexually, one of the best things you can do would be to bring out that blindfold you cunningly concealed under a pillow. Why not go further and produce those handcuffs you secretly purchased? Now he’ll transform to putty in your hands. Or your tongue. He won’t know what you’re going to do to him next, and the anticipation will drive his excitement through the roof.

Pleasure yourself too

Another tried and tested method of how to be better in bed for your man is to reveal to him how much he turns you on. Much as he’ll get off on being the one to arouse you, if you take some moments to show off to him, he’ll relish just lying back and watching you take control. There are fewer things more erotic for a man than listening to a girlfriend bringing herself to the boil as her fingers explore those places she knows most intimately of all. Of course, ensure he gets the message that he can jump in at any time.

What stimulates a man sexually

Men adore it when lovemaking brings out hidden characteristics in their girls. Don’t worry about coming across as too forward or pushy. When you can sense he’s approaching climax, adopt a different persona. There’s nothing wrong with a dirty mouth to inject his moment with a degree of lewdness. Also, you can get really physical here, digging your nails into his skin, tugging at his hair, biting his tongue.

Brighter ways to please your man in bed

Remember – men are visual creatures. When you get into the bedroom, don’t be tempted to peel of all your clothing and jump straight into the sack. Do a strip tease. You can do this subtly, slowly slipping out of your garments and tossing them aside. Or you can treat him to more of a display, strutting around with the sassy confidence of some vixen performing his own personal lap dance.

Instead of fumbling around in the dark, leave the light on. If you go down on him, he’ll become far more ecstatic if he can observe every moment.


If you really want to know how to boost a man’s desire, all you need to do is gently massage his ego. Let him know what he is doing right. When he really hits that spot, show your appreciation. You don’t even need words. Females have a whole different language of sighs and moans that will announce their satisfaction to the outside world. And if he hears you being turned on, he’ll feel invigorated himself.