How to Kill It in the Bedroom

There are so many sex tips for women in bed that can be found in numerous books, online blogs, and other helpful sources. However, before we start looking at what makes you good in bed, it’s important to bear in mind that each and every one of us is different so there isn’t one strict rule when it comes to being a great lover.

If you can follow the below tips for women in bed, you’re bound to have a great sex life…

• Exude confidence – for many, confidence is a great turn on. If you meet a potential partner and they see that you are confident in your day-to-day life, there is a high chance that they’ll be keen to strip you back and see if you’re as confident in the bedroom. When it comes to confidence in the bedroom, it can get you far. You don’t HAVE to know what you’re doing, but coming across as though you do is a great way to please your lover.

• Dress up – sexy lingerie, outfits and even toys can be a real turn on when it comes to sex. With so many options on the high-street and online, it’s never been easier to get your hands on some sexy clothing and accessories for those high-energy romps.

• Let your wild side out – if you’re into something a little bit naughty, and your sexual partner is happy to go along with it, do it! This can be great fun and provide an excellent opportunity for you to display just how great in bed you can.

What Do Men Want?

Much like the fairer sex, all men are different. So what tickles one’s fancy, won’t necessarily tickle the others. However, there are a few common wants and desires that are frequently requested by men. Like we mentioned above, confidence always comes out trumps; a man likes to know what a sexual partner is doing and be safe in the knowledge that she knows how to use her body, and his, to make the most from the mutual experience. Here are some other things a lot of men like in the bedroom:

• For a woman to play with herself

• Sexy, dirty talk (try and avoid baby talk, though! Unless he’s into it of course…)

• Understanding of how to use a penis properly (according to some men, there are a few women who are just too rough!)

• Openness and willingness – this basically just means that men love a woman who is up for trying new things and isn’t held back by nerves!

Communication is Important

Of course, sexy time should be a real turn on for both parties, but it’s also important to note that you have a right to comment or even stop if something is happening that you don’t like or aren’t 100% into.