The Perfect Lesbian Dating Tips from the LGBT Community

Dating is not easy for anyone. Especially when it comes to LGBT dating, nobody has set roles to play and rules to follow. Well, there shouldn’t be a role set by society for anyone in any type of dating. The main advice that you should follow is to listen to your gut feeling. Lesbian dating standards have been raised due to all the movies and series we have seen where gay women look perfect and nothing ever wrong happens in their dates. The best lesbian dates are a combination of some good and awkward moments. The moments which will make you laugh later when you think about them. Yes, lesbian dating is hard because you are trying to create a good impression while not knowing anything about her. But the feeling of love inside your heart is rewarding too. This article will help you get ready for the best lesbian date. Let’s dive in!

How to Meet Lesbian Singles

First of all, you need to meet the right lesbian partner to have a fulfilling life. You may meet your partner at a nightclub, bar, restaurant, cafe, or any place for that matter. Right now in 2020, life is a rush and the internet provides comfort. You can look for single lesbians on various lesbian dating sites. In that way, you don’t have to guess whether your partner is lesbian or not, single or not, and if she is interested in you or not. Keep in mind a few things before jumping into the online lesbian dating world:

  • Read the reviews of the website
  • Pick a website with a popular forum (even if you have to purchase)
  • Look at their chatting services
  • Also, the demographics of the website is crucial for you
  • Choose a website dedicated to lesbians only

Lesbian Dating Tips

Now, you have met someone who suits your personality. You need to have a chat before you can blindly accept to go on a date with your partner. Try to know more about her likes and dislikes, choice of food, and other small details. Women are all about minuscule details. If you keep them in mind, it is a huge turn-on. Following are some more lesbian dating rules to be followed:

Rule #1: Be Direct

You can simply blurt out your intention to go on a date and your partner will love it. Simplicity and honesty are the characteristics that lesbians can die for. You don’t have to come up with a pesky pick-up line to impress her. But if you want to turn her down after your date, make sure you do it gently and have a good reason.

Rule#2: Learn About Your Partner

Yes, you also have to put some research into this. This is one of the best lesbian flirting dating advice. But don’t think of it as a science project. It is a guarantee, you will love this little experiment. Try your best to know what she stands for, her ideology, and other personality traits. A little social media digging might help you. Also, the description part of the lesbian website where you met her can also give you some hints. This will give a lot of content to talk about.

Rule #3: Dress Up Comfy

But don’t go in pajamas to a date. You don’t have to wear anything that you not comfortable in. If you like sneakers and jeans, that is what you wear for your date. Don’t wear a short dress that you will be pulling down every 2 seconds. Wear what makes you feel confident and not something to impress. Your dressing style does not define you. What you say and how you make her feel, that is what sets your personality.

Rule #4: Get Her Something Small

Do you know what are the secret lesbian attraction signs? Well, first of all, a small token of love will not hurt anyone. Something like a cute flower, champagne, chocolate, or anything that reminded you of her will spark feelings of love. But don’t go overboard with the gifts, lesbians don’t like overdoing things

Rule #5: Compliment, Talk, and Complain

These are the 3 pillars of communication. Give her genuine compliments which are one of the most important lesbian dating tips for the first date. Don’t throw all the compliments at once. Just slide a compliment or two as and when you feel like she is worth it. Talk about yourself if she is a shy person. When you see she is opening up a bit, try to ask her a few things. Complaining is a woman’s best friend. You may complain about your work or traffic. Be careful not to say something offensive while complaining.

Rule #6: A Sweet Post-Date Text

Nothing works better than a sweet text after the date. You may write a message first to make sure she has reached home safely. Further, a small message that entails your enjoyment during the date will be a wonderful touch to the whole date. Leave the next date on her if you were the one to decide this one. This message doesn’t mean that you want to live the rest of your life with her. It is just a sweet gesture to compliment her presence.

Rule #7: No Social Media Show

You don’t have to immediately announce to the whole world about your date and your beautiful partner. At his point, social media should not even matter. You may take a selfie or two while wrapping up your date. But those pictures are for you to cherish your loved one, not for the world to comment on.

Final Thoughts

To finish off, there are a few things that are not to be done during your first date. Oversharing details at the first meet, being extremely cheap, and not having certain boundaries are not good stimulants for your date. Important lesbian dating advice for the first kiss is not to eat anything with onion or garlic in the restaurant. That might ruin everything. Now, you have all the secrets to open the lock of your partner’s heart. Go and get your girl.