Sex on the First Date – We Show You How to Get It

First Date
All the hard work is done, you have put in the hours of graft and she has agreed to go on a first date. Good Work! However, there’s plenty more to do, and although there are some rules to follow, you can certainly enjoy it as it unfolds.

To get laid on the first date always seems to be a bit of a taboo subject, but if you both like each other and your sensible then why wait?! Seduction is the key here, and there is no better way to seduce your date than with immediately reducing the space between you. By this I mean leaning in, sitting closer, face them, share the seat and watch their response. If your date responds by mirroring your moves then you, my friend, are a step closer to having sex on the first night.

Talk the Talk
To get a woman in bed on the first date can quite simply by brought up in conversation. I know this sounds brash but I don’t literally mean blurting it out, I mean toss and tease the idea of sex in amongst your conversations. Referring to the idea and even the word sex will subtly start to change the tact of the date and subconsciously get her thinking about it. If she can see your comfortable mentioning the word then she may well mention it back in her own way. This then allows the word sex to move away from a taboo subject to a subject you both are seriously thinking about!

How to have sex in the first night is the million dollar question. But one thing I do know is that women enjoy confidence. By reducing the gap between you both and subtly bringing up the topic of sex or references to sex as mentioned above all ooze confidence. But now, let me make clear there’s is a difference between cocky and confidence. Expecting sex on the first night is cocky and huge turn off. But taking the lead shows confidence, holding good eye contact is an easy seduction tip to show you are in control of the situation and not put off by her or the environment. But eye contact along with a smile is better, whilst you’re reducing the space between you and your hot date, making eye contact and smiling she has no chance. Look out for her mirroring your techniques this is a sure sign that you are both on the same page, relax, and enjoy!