Swinging Dating Tips – When and Which Way to Swing

Dating advice for swingers new to the community must start with the basics. This fun and exciting world of swingers does come with its own swinging rules that help you move through the community week by week. We are here to help share our dating tips for swingers.

Communication is a key

Swingers dating rules do certainly start with communication. Talking to your partners allows you both, or all to move forward simultaneously. The idea of swinging may be too much for some people, so picking your moment and keeping your communication up will be very important. This must also be an ongoing process, keep having debriefs after each experience and discuss what you have learned from this experience. Make changes where necessary and ensure the key element to all this has not been lost, being safe and having fun!

School Yourself

How to date swingers must start with education. Educating yourself about the swinging world will be key to your safety and enjoyment. Even if you do have the go ahead from your partner understanding the potential risks is crucial. How to date swingers must be agreed between you both and choosing your next partners should be a process you are both a part of. Learning and getting to know the pros and cons of this wild and wonderful world will make your experiences a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

Avoid Attachment

A top swinging dating tip must be avoiding attachment. Becoming attached to a partner that you’re swinging with would spell disaster. New swingers may very well find this aspect difficult as the emotions are running high and finding new partners and enjoying your time with them can be a heated proposition. Swingers dating rules ask that you move on, and quick. You may well spend a lot of time with a specific person and enjoy their company, but you must not forget that they are swingers too, getting attached and not moving on will cause trouble in the long run for all involved. Accept the experience, enjoy it while it lasts and don’t look back, there are plenty of swinging fish in the sea.

No time for jealousy

First date tips for swingers must include this golden rule: do not get jealous. This is a must in the underworld of swinging as you quite frankly you don’t have the right. From the outset, you have agreed to a certain set of rules, and as mentioned above if your communication with partners is good enough then there is no room for jealousy. Having fun here is the key, and the moment it moves away from these realms is a spell for uncomfortable environments for all involved. Throughout your conversations and communications with your partner, you have agreed to add an additional element to your love life, getting jealous and not being able to move on from experiences can ruin your moment in the swinging world, as well as any possible future. Keep up the chat with your partner, ensure you are both on the same page, enjoy the experiences for what they are and move on to the next awaiting pleasure seekers.