Tips To Spot the Spark of an Affair

The magic of sexual chemistry is almost indefinable. It changes the world from black and white to colour and enhances our fantasies. You may only find it a few times in life. Since it’s such a rare gift you have to be very careful not to miss it. Here are some fool-proof ways to catch the sparks when you are adult dating:

You laugh together

Chemistry makes the whole world delightful. Every little thing gives you the giggles, and you find yourself both spilling over with laughter each time you are together. Pay attention to this first sign of a developing attraction.

You forget everything else

Someone in love tends to lose track of tasks as they stare off into space blissfully imagining their lover. Have you been burning your dinner, or forgetting to even eat your meal at all? Are you running late for work, for meetings, for movies? It’s so easy to get caught up in each other during the early stage of a crush. Don’t waste time. Make a move and see what happens.

You can’t keep your hands off each other

Couples with chemistry naturally want to touch each other. They just can’t help it. Touch may start slowly at first when you’re not sure about what’s happening between you. It may start as tapping each other or casual gestures while you talk. Soon you may be brushing your hands together by accident, or plucking an eyelash of a cheek. Do you offer an arm when walking down stairs together? Touches like these can lead to touching behind closed doors.

You smile together

A smile says more than words. You are smiling together, both with your mouths but also with your eyes. They sparkle at each other. Like laughter, a smile is a good sign of emotions growing deeper. There’s no way to hide your pleasure in each other’s company, and if the smile just won’t leave your face after seeing her that’s a classic indication that chemistry is brewing.

Time flies but you are never ready to leave

The most obvious sign that you have a charismatic connection is how you both respond when it’s time to say goodbye. Are you unbothered, ready to move onto other activities and other people? Or are you hesitant to go and don’t want your time together to ever end? Does she look downhearted when it’s time to part as well?

You’ve got something here. Your talk just flows together, you are always glowing and happy when you’re near each other, and the time spent in each other’s company is amazing. It’s an amazing feeling. Don’t let it go!

After you’ve read all the signs it’s time to take it to the next level. When you are alone together try to create a perfect moment, and then take her hand, or give her a kiss. It could be small and gentle, or you can be more passionate. You only live once, so take advantage of chemistry whenever you can!