The Basic Date Ideas for the USA Gay Couple

Don’t know what to do for your first date? You want to do something different, and yet you are scared what your partner might think? Well, we are here to answer all your questions. Yes, doing something new is frightening. That is why some research is good to start with about your partner. Social media or their bio might provide what you are looking for. We will write some fun and cute basic date ideas for gay couples in this article. Some of them can be done at home in your comfort zone. Also, they will not cost you your whole salary, so sit tight and keep reading!

Basic Date Ideas

Have you thought about all types of dates possible and still come up with nothing? That is because you are tense about what your partner will think. Think in the opposite way about how you would react. A date is all about listening to each other talk and admire. All you need is a good and healthy ambiance around you. Let’s count the following date ideas:

1. Movie Night

Nothing is cozier than your partner beside you with a large bowl of popcorn and a good movie running in front of you. It’s inexpensive and customizable. The major problem that comes up is choosing a movie. A compromise can be made from either side sometimes. Who knows, you might enjoy what your partner chooses.

2. Spa Day

It is okay to spend a day on yourself once in a while. Book a day at the nearest spa for both of you. If you or your partner do not like a lot of talking, a spa day will help you to ease some of the tension. If you know where your partner likes to go for a spa, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, you may choose a decent spa in the neighborhood with good ratings.

3. Theme Based Cafes

It might become boring visiting the same cafe and looking at the same people. There are various theme-based cafes around you that you never visited. A change in the atmosphere might be good for a date. If you worry about the coffee, just go for a safe option like Americano or a Latte.

4. Ice-skating

You don’t know how to skate? Nobody does. It is all about going there together and having fun. Falling with each other and then supporting each other on those skates is close to intimacy. If there is an indoor ice-skating platform, you can do this activity in summer too. In winters, the chilled air and the warm feeling of love inside is the best thing that can happen on a date.

5. Dinner

If one of you doesn’t know how to cook, it is totally fine. The aim is to enjoy time doing a task together. Bringing in the raw material and cooking from scratch together with your date is another awesome idea to be adapted. It is one of the 5th date ideas. Because bringing a stranger home on the first day might not be cool. A tasty home-cooked meal with the best person with you. Isn’t that what you have been dreaming about?

6. Early Morning Date

Sounds weird? Well, it is not. If your partner is an early bird, make an effort to join him for a run or yoga class. It might be annoying, but you are in your best mind in the morning. This will make your exercise a bit more interesting and what is better than a healthy date.

7. Game Night

What about indulging in a night full of pure entertainment? That is right! A games night at your place or at your partner’s place is one of the finest gay first date ideas. You may invite another couple over and think about good double date ideas. You can play charades, never have I ever, twister, or minute to win it. This is one of the best double date ideas in NYC.

8. Picnic

Picnics are not for children only. You and your partner can enjoy some time admiring nature and indulging yourself in food and drinks too. A picnic is a great idea for couples to have some privacy. Of course for talking, not for sex. Oh, no rain has ruined your plan, bring the picnic to your living room. Set up a tent and sit on the floor. Enjoy the same feeling.

9. Bake a Cake

Can’t think about cute date night ideas at home? What about baking something together? Choose a recipe, watch a YouTube video and you will be a great baker within no time. Psychologically, doing things together makes you supportive and improves your team-building skills. With your bae, you will just fall in love with your partner as his hands are full of flour.

10. Sex Game

Sex is not to be done only at night with lights off. Get kinkier with some sex games as a date idea. You don’t have to spend a dime on these games as you can simply make the sex dice yourself. You may also buy them at $14. These games can be foreplay for you. Imagine the night after that hot steamy game!

Final Thoughts

Gay first date ideas list go on and on. You can chat at the dating site online also. But these are at the top. Always check out what your partner likes and pick something comfortable for the boat of you in the beginning. Later you can play with bolder ideas. There is no harm in trying something different or adventurous for fun. But remember to make sure your partner is comfortable with the ideas you have. Booking a day in an adventure park is also a good idea for couples who love some adrenaline rush. Not to forget the adventure sports. They might be expensive and you would want to wait for some time before you are ready to spend that much.