Lesbian Dating Tips – Where to Start and Where to Go

Dating advice for lesbians certainly does revolve itself around using familiar experiences and environments to your advantage. And there’s no better place to start than within the LGBT community itself. By attending events and fundraisers within this community will help transport you on to the scene. Attend with an open mind and open ended questions and conversations with other gay women. By having the support of this community will inject confidence into your approach with other single gay women.

Work for It

Top tips on learning how to meet single lesbians comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is no better place to meet single lesbians than in a place of work. If you don’t have a job, get one! The workplace is one of the best and biggest interactive spaces that changes and evolves on a daily basis. If you have a customer based job such as bar work or in a restaurant then the world is your oyster, who knows who will be coming in to your space week after week. In bigger building blocks there is most certainly an underworld of gay women, and once word gets around and your infiltrate the undercover gay girls then your next work party will be a lot more interesting.

Concentrate on the Concerts

Within the lesbian community there are huge followings around specific and well known lesbian and gay icons. Knowing who these are, where their next gigs are and going to these gigs provides you with a platform to meeting single lesbians. Don’t neglect the local gigs with local bands and musicians, I’m sure you will get to know who are attracting the gay and lesbian following, go along, get chatting and meet local single lesbians in the crowd!

Go Clubbing

No, I don’t mean that sort of clubbing, I mean join a club, a team, a society and get a hobby or interest. This natural structure of weekly classes, clubs and hobbies provides an opportunity to meet new single lesbians week after week. It’s a social outlet that allows you to make new friends and get to know girls. The traditional movie classic is to join a roller derby team where there are single lesbians on both sides. So, my dating advice for meeting lesbians is to think outside the box. Join a class or club that you’re genuinely interested in and once you have met someone you will both have a lot to talk about, in and out of the class!