Crazy Text Messages to Send Your Girlfriend

Crazy text messages tips

Listen, we have all been there. You have the phone number of the girl your desperate to date and knowing how to start the conversation can be very daunting. Here’s are some full proof tips to sparking the conversation:

1. Think about what you two have in common and start with that! If you are still in education, maybe you share a class or both hate the same teacher? Maybe start the conversation about some homework that’s due and lead on from there. Not in education? Then try and think about any friends you have in common or any hobbies you both enjoy. Finding common ground is the best way to start an interesting conversation.

2. Don’t send any crazy text messages. It’s easy to get a bit out of control in thinking about what to say but avoid any sort of crazy texts that can come off the wrong way. Keep things chilled to begin with and see what her humour is like.

3. Don’t use the words ‘mate’, ‘dude’ or ‘buddy’ as this will immediately put her in the friend zone and she won’t bother trying to flirt with you.

If you’re needing a bit more guidance and perhaps some sentence starters then follow this link.

How to tell if you are sending a crazy text

It can be super easy to get carried away when texting a girl, and as a result, your text messages may come off as a little overbearing. So to know if your text falls into this crazy category follow these simple questions:

1. Is this coming off a bit strong? Sending a message that is a bit too presumptive or too flirty early on in the dating text messages can really put a spanner in the works, so keep things chilled to begin with and see where you can go from there.

2. Would I consider this a crazy girl text? – if you wouldn’t want to receive crazy texts from a girl then don’t send them yourself. There’s a good chance she isn’t interested in receiving crazy texts from a boy, so just remember to be considerate.

3. Is this inappropriate? If you are sending any sort of unsolicited, suggestive texts this can immediately put a girl off. Once again, keep your dating text messages to a calm and flirty level before you decide to amp things up.

4. Is this too possessive? If you are constantly texting a girl and wanting to know where she is, what’s she’s doing and who’s she with, you can so easily change from caring to possessive. At the beginning, you do not need to know what her every movement is, so leave talking to her as a special moment.

So there is a short crash guide on how to text a new girl. If you can remember to keep the conversation cool and light, and of course to not be too overbearing then you’re golden! We, of course, understand that it can be a little scary to make the first moves, but just remember that you are not the only one going through this and everyone has to have a couple of dead-end relationships before they find the one. Good luck and remember to have fun!