Online Romance vs Real Boyfriend

I am sure if you talk to your friends and family individuals will have mixed responses and experiences when online dating. Dating and meeting people online is something we cannot ignore, as it’s becoming part of our everyday lives, with the younger generations being brought up on the fact that this is potentially the way forward.
Some online romances have been filled with confusion and uncertainty whilst others lead people towards opportunities they may not find in reality.
However, both aspects have their pros and cons, read on to discover our verdict on an online romance vs a real boyfriend.

Face or Fantasy

Online dating at this stage certainly does has its advantages, and this has played a huge part in its boom across all aspects of dating. But is online dating different to face to face dating and can it complete challenge the reality and need of a real partner. Of course there is a difference between both relationships, and different individuals would be more drawn to both face to face dating and online dating. However, it would be crucial to remember that online dating can be best used as an opportunity to meet partners, potential boyfriends and girlfriends etc with the overall aim to meeting up in person. From here you can have the best of both worlds by using an online relationship to foot the foundations for a reality romance, allowing you to break that barrier of confusion around whether an online relationship is real or fantasy.

Setting Your Stall Out

Online dating certainly does provide you with access, that’s for sure. With hundreds of dating sites and thousands of lucky hopefuls there is certainly plenty of opportunity to start an online romance. Online dating increases your pool of potential partners literally within minutes, more than you can possibly imagine when going about your regular day to day activities. This is certainly an advantage to online romances as from here you can tailor your profile and hand pick potential partners that suit your hobbies, interests, location, types and sexual orientation.
However, on the flip side by booming your potential partners overnight this can become a potential minefield of what is real, genuine, fantasy or a time waster. This can become frustrating as working your way through endless profiles is tiresome, shopping for your potential partner rather than a natural connection in real life is not for the faint hearted.

Chat before you Buy

Online dating sites provide endless ways to match yourself with potential partners, and then spending time getting to know them. A benefit of this technological communication allows you to interact and communicate with many men or women in a relatively safe environment. Convenient opportunities such as chat rooms increase your levels of communication with many potential partners without the boundaries or commitment and time. The safe and secure environment of chatting with many people at once is certainly an advantage when searching for and testing “the one”.

However this technological communication method does limit your ability to really get to know someone. Without the face to face interaction there is no natural chemistry, no situational cues or tactile flirting. This makes the validity of the online romance a lot weaker and harder to evaluate the true nature of what you’re experiencing. While this artificial way of building up an online romance lacks the human element, it can act as the ice breaker to meeting potential partners’ offline at a later date.