Best Free Date Ideas to Impress Your Partner

Taking your new partner out on a date, even a first date, and impressing them doesn’t have to be about splashing the cash on the most expensive meals, drinks or activities. You can woo them even without spending a penny.

Some of the best free dates ideas are far more interesting, and romantic for that matter than sitting down for a three-course meal where the noise and hubbub around you actually prevent the two of you from chatting and getting to know one another a whole lot better.

You can chat, flirt and have an incredible amount of fun dating each other by keeping it simple and taking advantage of some of the many free date ideas to get to know someone as you embark on a new relationship.

Free Date Ideas

Contemplate using some of our best free date ideas and enjoying something a little different.

Take a walk

You don’t need to even have a plan where you’re going to walk but you will get to spend some quality time together without the stresses of everyday life. Walk through your local park, around town like you may be tourists, to see some tranquil gardens or to the beach. If you’re more of an adventurous couple, head into the hills and do a spot of hiking together and get to know one another at a slightly faster pace that will leave you both a little more breathless.

Head to the beach

The beach costs nothing! But beach dates ideas don’t need to be about actually getting your bikini or bathers on and jumping into the ocean together. Take a romantic stroll along the golden sands hand-in-hand and get to know each other as you take in the romantic setting. Ideal date ideas include taking a picnic and a bottle of bubbly and enjoy some time together watching the world go by. Or even do a bit of sunbathing or relax while watching the sun go down.

Take a drive

Grab your keys and whisk your date off on a romantic road trip. Head out into the country, drive down the coast or to a place that is special to both of you. Why not pack a picnic too and make the date even more special because as far as fun free dates go, this is one of the most exciting.

Visit museums

Most museums are free to access so why not take your partner out for an educational afternoon or evening. It might be art galleries that are your thing, traditional museums filled with artifacts of history or something more specific and connected to aviation, transport or waxworks, for example, but they all make great free first date ideas.

Cook dinner

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking your new partner dinner, and it is arguably one of the cutest free date ideas. Impress them with your masterchef-like talents and show that what things could be like if your relationship ends up being a long-lasting one. So long as you don’t burn it, your only outlay is the products you’re cooking.

Don’t blow your monthly paycheck by splashing out on lavish dates for your new partner. They will be just as impressed with the thought that goes into organising a free date. So take a bit of time, plan it out and enjoy a serious amount of fun without getting out your wallet or purse.