The Best Way to Find a Hookup with No Strings Attached

People have fulfilling hookups all the time — up to 72% of college seniors have had at least one hookup! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to have sex on the first date, you’re looking for the best way to hook up with someone you don’t even know yet, or you’re just researching the concept of hookups, we’ve got an answer for you. Keep these hookup tips in mind so that your hookup experiences are fun and exciting, rather than uncomfortable and upsetting.

Think of the other person’s feelings

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a girl to hook up with you, you’re probably approaching it from all the wrong angles. Getting to bang a girl on the first date is something that many guys are into, so there are all sorts of tips and tricks out there about how to make sure your date likes you enough to have sex with you. In fact, tricking your date is the worst way to answer the question of how to sleep with a girl on the first date! You’re not the only person out there who’s interested in a one-time experience. Why mess with someone’s emotions when you could just as easily ask for a hookup and make sure your partner has a great time too?

Make Sure Everyone’s on the Same Page

A hookup can mean different things to different people. Do you want to hook up with a girl that you’ve never met before, then never see her again once you’re done? Do you want to get close to someone, then have sex once just to try it out? Maybe you want to go on one date and see how things turn out, and you’re open to continuing the relationship past your one-time hookup.

Whatever you’re interested in, it’s important to communicate that with your partner. It might not be the easiest answer to the question of “How to get laid on the first date,” but it will make sure that nobody gets hurt in the long run. After all, at this point, it’s not just her feelings you should be thinking about — it’s yours, too!

Use a Dating App or Site to Find Someone Who’s Into the Same Thing

The eternal question is, of course, how to find hookups. It’s important to make sure you’re thoughtful once you’ve found the person you’re going to hook up with, but even finding them can be a chore sometimes. There are plenty of dating sites available to help you get the partner of your dreams, and even sites like that are geared specifically toward finding someone who’s less interested in a relationship, and more interested in the bedroom. By steering your attention toward sites that are specifically there to help you find a sexual relationship, you can preemptively weed out people whose sights are set on romance instead.

Reach Out in Unconventional Locations

Maybe your coworker has expressed interest in some recreational activities that you know all about, or maybe one of your long-time friends made an unexpectedly flirtatious remark toward you the other day. Either way, sometimes the best places to hook up are within reach, even if you didn’t notice it at first. Always keep your eyes open for implications that someone you know might be into you. It’s a tale as old as time; there are countless stories of people who didn’t get together for months and even years because one of them didn’t notice the extremely obvious signs that the other was interested in them! Even if it’s just something as innocent as mentioning how you seem to be looking more athletic recently, don’t take those kinds of remarks lightly. Flirt back a little bit and see if you can really get them on your side before you start adding some naughty remarks and hints. You never know — you might have overlooked the best hookup you’ll ever get to take part in!

Hooking up with someone isn’t actually as difficult as some people make it seem; there are plenty of people out there who are interested in a one-time encounter, whether it’s their first time or they do this frequently. As long as you put equal thought into your feelings and your new partner’s feelings, you’re sure to have an incredible experience! Whether you find a sexual encounter with someone you’ve never met before using a dating site or you stumble headfirst into a passionate affair with your closest friend, this guide to hooking up should be able to help you find something that you’ll remember fondly for years. Hooking up is different to everyone, so take this as a guideline and go find your perfect hookup, whether it’s just an hour or two in someone else’s house or it’s prefaced by multiple hours of date night fun.