Why Do Women Cheat When It Seems Like They Have It All?

Why Do Women Cheat?

It’s hard to keep a secret when you know a wife cheating on her husband. You want to tell him, but you don’t because you don’t think it’s your place to break the news. It can be even more devastating when you’ve encountered a cheating woman and you’re left broken hearted and wondering to yourself why do women cheat on men who treat them well.
We’ve asked some women what were there reasons for cheating on good men and here’s what they had to say:

1. It Just Happened.
“It isn’t something that I woke up and decided to do. It wasn’t a way to get back at him because he loaded the dishwasher wrong or that he didn’t take out the garbage. It just happened. Most people who ask me why I cheated don’t understand how it can ‘just happen,’ but they’ve never been in that situation themselves.”

2. Married the Wrong Man.
“I married a man that my parents wanted me to. I loved him, but I didn’t feel any passion with him. We built a life together, but it felt more like an obligation rather than because we genuinely wanted to. When I met the guy I cheated with, I didn’t feel any remorse except for the fact that he wasn’t the man I would go home to each night—my husband was.”

3. He Cheated on Me.
“I’ve always taught my children that two wrongs doesn’t make a right, but that went out the window when I found out he cheated on my multiple times over the years. After I found out about the last time he cheated, I was done being the victim. If he couldn’t honor his wedding vows, I felt like I didn’t have to either. So, I called a colleague that I knew had a crush on me and asked him out for a drink and that led to a brief affair.”

4. He Was Never Home.
“My husband was in the military and he had been on an extended tour. While I know this is probably one of the most common reasons why women cheat, I felt like I was justified in cheating because when he was away, I never heard from him. Other wives would get regular calls from their spouses, and here I was, left completely in the dark and alone. So, I found companionship with someone who wasn’t gone and who would let me know he thought about me. Heartless, maybe, but like men often like to say, ‘I have needs, too.”