Find and Keep Your Sugar Mama

Women seem to have an easier life then they choose to go on the hunt for a sugar daddy. It seems to be a pretty one-sided affair where women expect the man to pay for everything. However, it would be great if the tables could be turned and you could find yourself a sugar momma who can give you all the materialistic things you could ever want! The relationship will be built on convenience that’s for sure but it will come with its benefits. So, would you do it?

Finding a sugar mama

As soon as you have decided that a sugar mama is right for you, it is time to look for her. Of course, the first place to look is those kinds of places that are frequented by wealthy people. We are talking about yacht clubs, expensive property sales, and even jewellery stores. You could even source the top bars and restaurants but remember that you might have to spend some of your money to find her, so see this is a kind of a “speculate to accumulate” kind of investment.

How to catch her eye

So, what is a sugar mama looking for? She wants someone who us youthful but she wants more than just that. You will have to look good and dress well and give off a vibe that is filled with energy. Just because she is older, do not underestimate her needs and desires. She is a rich woman who knows what she wants and knows how to date.

Ultimately, she wants you to have that “I’m willing to try anything” kind of glint in your eye because that is extremely infectious to her. She wants you to make her feel young and to make her forget about her actual age.

Starting a conversation with her

The one thing she does not want to hear you mention is her wealth. You need to discuss your qualities and how they are right for her while letting her know that she has a youthful spirit and appearance about her. She will love your enthusiasm because it is filled with a youthfulness that makes her feel flattered.

Avoid making the age gap seem overly obvious because that could scare her away but ensure that you discuss things that she can relate to.

It is all about seduction

This is not a normal relationship and so, the woman is the one expected to do all the hard work. She is wealthy and used to getting what she wants. From the moment you catch her eye and make it known that you are interested in her, she will begin the chase. Embrace the experience and remember that she is also going to want something in return. So, enjoy the expensive meals out and the expensive watch that she bought you because this is her way of pursuing you.

When you feel as though she has chased you enough, you can then look to seal the seal. Spoil her with kisses, massages and true intimacy and you will soon find that your sugar mama is well and truly yours!

Go and get her!

Finding a sugar mama takes perseverance and commitment on your part. However, when you find someone, all you need to do is make her feel wanted, understood and young again because before you know it, she will be lavishing you with gifts and showing you just how much money she really has.