How to Date a Jealous Man

Dating a jealous man can seriously affect your relationship and how long it lasts. More importantly your independence within that relationship can be seriously compromised, so much so that it can cause friction between life-long friends and work colleagues.
So how do you date a jealous man so that your life remains enjoyable whether that is your friendship, your work life or even the relationship you enjoy with the partner in question?

Why is your man jealous?

First of all, if your man is jealous then there is likely to be a deep-rooted reason for it. And it almost always comes back to the same thing: insecurity. He might think he isn’t good enough for you and that you’ll find someone better, more attractive or with more money. Alternatively, he might think he isn’t satisfying you and that you might look elsewhere for excitement.
Whatever the reason, it will ultimately come down to a fear of losing you and you will need to find the best way to deal with that jealously, which can result in snooping around your social media, emails, text messages and phone calls, and see accusations that are seriously untrue being thrown your way.

How to deal with the jealousy?

First of all, you both have to accept it is a problem and recognise it. The best way round it is to make each other feel special and realise that you are the only one.
Include your man in things. If you’re out for a few drinks with the girls on an evening, make sure he knows you love him beforehand. Then give him all the attention he needs too when you get home from bars, clubs or cocktail bars. If he knows you want him at the end of the night, he may be less jealous the next time you head out.

If it is a jealousy formed over work colleagues you talk about daily after getting home, ensure he meets these people that could be causing the problem. If he gets sweaty palms every time that you mention that Steve from Accounts helped you solve an issue at work, or that Simon has moved desks and now sits opposite you, invite him to meet them. Whether that is when you’re next out for work drinks or just when dropping you off and picking you up. It will help if he knows who these people are.

If your friends or friendships are the issue, again keep him informed about what you and your bestie are chatting about via text message or on social media. It is secrecy that will only engulf the jealousy within your man. You’re a couple so tell him everything. Don’t keep him out in the cold when it comes to even the most mundane of chats. That will help supress the jealousy.

All of that will help prevent the pair of you from rowing over petty little things that are trivial in the grand scheme of things. If there’s no reason for an argument and you’re just getting at each other’s throats, it is highly likely that the jealousy of your man is what is the driving force behind it all. And inclusion can help drive that jealousy away.