Why Older Women are Better for Dating

Traditionally the fantasy of dating your teacher or an authority figure older than you certainly does seem just that, a fantasy. However more and more people are deliberately looking to date an older lady and here’s why!

Man Up

Dating an older lady can certainly be a lesson in its own right. Feeding off someone’s life experiences is the perfect way to mould you as a gentleman and as a man. Dating an older lady could open your eyes to broader horizons, new experiences and new possibilities. If you date someone your own age consistently then your outlook may be limited. An older woman with plenty to tell you and to show you, both in and out of the bedroom will certainly whip you into shape!

Her Independence

An older women is likely to have her own life, her own social group, a career, own money and property. These factors alone are quite the turn on. But in regards to this these qualities stop her from leaning on you or being too clingy. The possibility of a lady abandoning her own ship for yours the moment you go on a date isn’t that attractive. You won’t get this with an older woman, her life goes on without you, you’re an addition to hers and this can be very attractive.

Trust in Her

When you get to the stage of introducing your older date to friends and family then trust me, she’s been here before. This is a good quality that comes with experience; you won’t need any of the pep talks to comfort her or to get her through the process of what to expect. Inviting her to a wedding or a work event can be done in confidence knowing that she can hold her own. Having trust in your older partner is an endearing quality that will support the relationship longer term. It’s easy to see why this is more appealing than a twenty something getting drunk due to her nerves and you playing a caring role rather than a dating role.

Her Wants

Confidence comes with experience; an older woman may well have both. This is an impressive quality that is very attractive in a relationship. Whether it’s in the bedroom department or career opportunities that present themselves your older woman may well have the answer to support you both. She certainly knows what she wants, and doesn’t want which also helps reduce the time wondering where this dating lark is going. Communication is key and older women are usually good at that. Communicating what both of you want from this relationship will strengthen your bond, and trust me your older partner will know what she wants!

Doesn’t Need You

This may sound like a turn off, but in reality if she doesn’t need you and your still dating then she wants you, this is so much better. An older woman has come all this way in life without you, her own career, friends, job, social circle and still she is dating you. Not needing you and wanting you is a huge turn on for some guys, this also includes the added security that comes along with this point. If you date a younger model then they may well challenge you to provide them with a social life, an identity and a future but an older lady, well she knows who she is and what she wants, and that’s you!