Advantages and Disadvantages of a One Night Stand

This morning they were a stranger, however last night was a totally different story. What seemed a very good idea at the time can often be something we regret merely a few hours later. But, every cloud has a silver lining, and that includes one night stands. Whether you remember their name or not things are very different in the morning, and with everything going on last night including the ups and the downs, we share our pros and cons to help you feel a little better about yourself.

You did it!

Well, first things first, you had sex! Virtual high five! You did the deed and this can be the most important thing to some people. This can help with confidence, sexual experience and over all maturity of learning from mistake and shaping our future decisions. I must stress this is not always a bad thing, you got some action and this is no mean feat. The world of dating and meeting people of the opposite or same sex is constantly evolving; last night shows you that you are still in with a shout of the survival of the fittest.
However, conversely the one night stand can cost you a pretty penny. Starting with everything that went on last night, the drinks, the clubs, the food etc. you may have woken up with your wallet a lot lighter than yesterday. Furthermore, the cost next morning of either getting in a taxi yourself pretty sharpish and paying to get home, or paying to get your hot date out of your property can mount up. Even if they do end up being the one, you will still have to contribute to your future mortgage and wedding day, ok that’s a bit far-fetched!

Money Maker

Ok I don’t mean selling yourself, but quite often spending the night with someone can help half the bills if not eradicate them all together. If you’re being impressed or seduced with food and drinks all night, sharing a taxi and a kebab at the end then your purse can be looking rather healthy the next day.
However the flip side to this is the pure awkwardness of waking up to someone you don’t know. Bear in mind this situation is difficult for the pair of you. Keep up the communication, offer to make or accept the offer of breakfast to help break the ice. Everything can be a bit hazy, but you are both in the same boat. Over breakfast discuss the best way to getting home and on familiar territory before committing to any further action.

Second Round

Don’t forget this could be a good thing. It could have been a love interest you have been after for a while, and you may be very pleased with yourself. This doesn’t have to be a one night thing; it could be the start of something brand new for you both. Don’t just dispose of your one night stand; you obviously had something good going last night, could round two be on the cards?!
Opposing this is the possibility that they may want round two a little bit more than you do. If you are not that into them then that’s ok, but make sure you both know where you stand otherwise before you know it a one night stand could turn into a one week stand, and that doesn’t sound good!