How to Move On After a Relationship Break-Up

If your relationship has broken down, fizzled out or come to an end for one reason or another, you need to move on. But how do you even start to begin a new chapter and take steps to move on from your past life and partner?

Consider some important to ensure you start moving on from a relationship in the best way. How you feel about yourself and what has gone before in your life will leave you in the best position to leave the past well and truly behind you.

Advice on moving on from a relationship

Friends and family will undoubtedly be important in exactly how you move on. They are the people you trust most and many, although not all, will offer you guidance, opinion advice on moving on from a relationship.

Situations are different, of course. You might have lost your partner to illness or even suddenly and unexpectedly, or your relationship may have ended in divorce or separation. Blame might me on your side, you could be the innocent party of victim or it might be a mutual agreement to go your own way.

The reasons why need to move on are endless, and only you know when the time is right. But speaking to friends and family, or even trusted confidents, will help to get yourself in the right frame of mind to move towards a new relationship.

Steps to move on from your past relationship

Taking the steps to move on can only happen once you are completely over your previous relationship. No matter what the reasons were behind you becoming single once again, or how long ago it happened, you need to have taken the time to get used to your new life. Experts suggest it is at least 11 weeks before you get over a relationship and 18 months to overcome a marriage breakup.

Contact: The most important point, according to relationship experts, is to cut off contact with your ex. No phone calls, no text messages and no following them on social media either.

Mourning: If your relationship ended because of the loss of your partner, be it through illness or a sudden death, you will only be ready to start dating again once you have found peace with yourself. You will need to come to terms with what happened and not act on the rebound. Take your time to get over it before moving on from the past.

Guilt: If you are the reason your previous relationship broke down, it will be guilt that you need to put to one site. Whether you neglected your partner, cheated on them or fell out of love with them, you will harbor guilt in one form or another. You will need to overcome that guilt before you start moving on from a relationship and making new connections if a future partnership is to last.

Anger: If your partner was in the wrong and the reason behind a split, you will undoubtedly harbor some anger. How could they do this to you? Before taking any steps to move on, you will need to overcome those feelings of anger…otherwise you will think the same of any partner you begin to subsequently date.

Happy Memories: Keep happy memories in your mind of what you loved about being in a relationship. Take those with you during your steps to move on and find a new partner. It will ensure you head into a new relationship in a positive frame of mind and with no self-doubts over whether you are doing the right thing.

Regardless of the circumstances behind the ending of your relationship, you will need to rid yourself of the thoughts of why the split happened. To start your search for love once again, get yourself into the perfect frame of mind where blame, anger, guilt, grief or even embarrassment are not going to affect future relationships. That way you won’t be doomed before you even meet your next match.

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