Relationships after the Sex on the First Date

Don’t Assume

Mistakes can be made, first date sex may well be an amazing venture between the two of your at the time, but this certainly does not mean you are now in a relationship. Assuming or expecting to be in a relationship after sleeping with them on the first date is the stuff movies are made out of! By doing this you are setting yourself and any possibility of a relationship itself up for failure. Take it one step at a time, and in fact going back to dating and learning about each other with your clothes on may be a more healthy and productive way forward.

Back to Dating

By going back to dating will help prevent you from overthinking things. A relationship after first date sex by cause you to over-think what could happen next rather than letting them happen naturally. Overthinking ideas like he thinks you’re easy or she’s only interested in one thing will block any spontaneous reactions to first date sex. Go back to dating, see what happens next and enjoy spending time with each other and getting to each other all over again. Any dates following the deed will give you both a good indication of how any future relationships will pan out.

Basic Instincts

If you already considering ruling out any future relationship ideas purely based on the sex on the first date then I’m sure your gut instinct wasn’t really looking for commitment in the first place. However this doesn’t make you a bad person, it could even be a chance to review what you are really looking for, and if you do find yourself in this reflective state too often then you may need to hold off hitting the sack too soon in the future.

Disappearing Act

After sleeping with them on the first date there is a high possibility you may not hear from them again. It does happen to the best of us. However again don’t be too hard on yourself; these situations don’t initially have strings attached. Take all the enjoyment and physical connection you can from the experience, possibly even learn from it and move on. Understanding that a one night stand is exactly that, one night and fun while it lasted. If you do intend to seek further relationships in future then slowing down the pace with your next hottie may help you gauge where the date is going and when the best time to hit the hay is! Try exploring if there are any qualities you see in your date outside of the bedroom before doing the deed, but if you feel physical attraction is enough at this stage then be ready for the disappearing act in future.