How to Find the Perfect Balance in Your Relationship

We all want to have a relationship where we care for each other.

After all, a relationship without caring isn’t much of a relationship, is it? That being said, there is a big difference between caring for someone and ‘over caring’ about every little thing that happens or what your partner does. Caring too much can lead to emotional problems and often results in the complete breakdown of the relationship.
A perfect balance exists. Achieving it can be hard however we are here to help. We have 3 tips that will help you to find that balance between not caring at all and caring far too much.

#1 Make Time for Yourself

All too often one partner in a relationship or perhaps even both don’t make time for themselves.
They do everything together, they are rarely alone and they also feed off each other constantly for emotional support. You won’t find a good balance in your relationship if you don’t do anything on your own.
Having your own interests, social events or even just spending some time by yourself in another room will free your mind. It lets you unwind away from your partner and if you are someone that cares too much it will help you realise that you are becoming dependent.

#2 Avoid Dependency at All Costs

Being dependent on your partner feeds into our first tip – you will never be able to do anything for yourself.
You will care far too much about them. It will cause you stress, anxiety and a dependent attitude where you can’t function on your own. This isn’t healthy for any relationship and while you may cling to your partner it will only serve to push them away.
You should be able to depend on each other but not 24/7 – you both need to do things and deal with issues to a certain extent by yourself.

#3 Find Trust in Your Relationship

You will care less in your relationship if you trust your partner.
Why? Well if you trust them then there will be a lot of things that you simply won’t care about. Trust takes over much of the caring part of your brain – your mind won’t go into overdrive worrying about your partner, what they are doing, who they are with etc… if you trust them.
Caring and trust are two things that are vital to a relationship however too much of either will cause big problems.

Find That Perfect Balance

In order to find the right balance in your relationship then these 3 tips will get you on the road to a healthy connection with your partner.
Ensuring that you make time for yourself and avoiding becoming dependent on the other person will allow you to retain an element of individuality even if you are in a long term relationship or even marriage. Let trust take over as this will tone down how much you care about what the other person is doing and will stop you worrying and overthinking every little thing.