How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

The spark has been extinguished from your sex life and you need something to spice it up. Maybe you just want to add another dimension to sex with your partner?

Either way, sex toys can be a fun and adventurous way to ensure that sex remains enjoyable and exciting in a relationship.

The problem that many people have is approaching the subject with their partner. In many ways sex toys can still be a taboo subject even in the 21st century. So, how do you introduce sex toys to your partner?

Be upfront about it

Don’t hide the fact that you want to start using sex toys with your loved one.

If you buy one discreetly and starting using it without the other person knowing and then they find out then they will think that sex with them isn’t good enough. Even worse they might think that you are trying to replace them.

Involve them in the conversation and be upfront about the fact that you are thinking of using sex toys to add an extra dimension to your sex life. Hiding that you are eager to use a sex toy without telling them first will cause arguments and other problems to your relationship.

View it as a way to grow together

Rather than viewing it as something that is used for the benefit of one person, look at it as a process that you can use to grow closer together.

Sex toys should be fun for both of you. They should offer a way in which you can be adventurous with sex in a safe environment and it allows you and your partner to explore new ways to have an orgasm.

If you approach it as a couple and as a means of growing closer together then your partner will be much more open to the idea.

Start off slow with small steps

Lastly, don’t just go and buy the most erotic, biggest or expensive sex toys on the market. Neither should you buy 5 at once and try to use them in the one night.

Introducing sex toys to a relationship should be done in small steps. Start off slow and work your way up. It could be the case that neither of you like the idea after you have tried it a few times or it might be that after taking small steps and trying a sex toys once you have a yearning for more.

Sex toys offer a great way to give you both more pleasure in your relationship but it should be approached cautiously at the start.

Introducing sex toys to your relationship

Most couples are both open to the idea of sex toys however it is how one member suggests the subject that is important.

Even if the other person is apprehensive, as long as it is approached together and the benefits for both of you are emphasised then it can really work to add extra pleasure in sex and make your relationship more stable too.