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What Do Men Find Attractive in Women

If you thought that there was a definite, one-size-fits-all answer, prepare to be disappointed. While there are many different things that most men find attractive, the truth is that personal preferences will vary by man, by location, and by culture. For example, a woman in the United States with a few extra pounds may be considered less attractive, whereas the same woman in Afghanistan would actually be considered more attractive simply based on her weight. Of course, personality also plays a big part in the overall attractiveness of a woman, and this too varies by man, location, and culture. However, for the sake of this article, we will be considering an “attractive woman” by American standards and using the generalizations most commonly referred to when American men talk about attractive women. So, without further ado, let’s find out: what makes a woman beautiful?

What Makes a Woman Beautiful

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but there are some standards that hold true for most men. Often, these standards may be unrealistic due to genetic makeup and body frames, so the women who are naturally gifted with these figures will often have a much easier time in the dating world. Most men don’t find obesity attractive, nor do they find being overly skinny attractive. Although many women strive to weigh around 100 lbs. or so, the majority of guys prefer a woman with a bit of extra fat on her, just in the “right places.” Big breasts are often considered attractive, although this particular preference will vary by men. The good news for small-breasted ladies? Many men find this attractive as well, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a date! Big butts are also a sought-after feature, which is evident by the number of times they are referenced in popular culture. Unlike breast size, the shape and “plump” of the buttocks can be “fixed” naturally, often by simply using the advice and tips of fitness instructors on the internet.

What Do Men Want From Women?

Exactly what a man is looking for from a woman depends not only on the man but also on the type of relationship he is pursuing. Asking “what do men want from women” is too general of a question: Is this a romantic pursuit or a casual encounter? For a romantic pursuit, physical appearance, as well as personality traits, are taken into serious consideration, whereas in casual encounters, the only thing that’s important is physical appearance. So, what do men like in women in terms of their looks? Many men get their first impression from a woman’s face, so using an attractive profile picture online (or getting “dolled up” when going out) is an easy way to meet more men. When it comes to meeting in person, most men will place their attention on the figure, breasts, and buttocks of a woman. The “curvy” figure is often considered the most attractive. Despite this, it’s not a universal preference. Still, many women seeking the “hourglass figure” can find free advice online in the form of instructional videos or a blog to help them achieve this look.

How to Know If You Are Attractive

It’s actually fairly simple: simply go up to a good-looking guy and ask him out! Many women don’t dare take this approach, but it’s actually a good way to gauge your level of sexual attractiveness. If you’re single, this is also a very good way to find a date! Although unlikely, it is possible he will say so. If that happens, determine the reason. Did he have a girlfriend or someone else? If so, don’t worry—many people you’re interested in will already be taken. However, if he starts making up stories about how he would “love to but…”, then you may be considered unattractive. Fortunately, this is often an easy fix. All you need to know is the generalizations of what makes a woman attractive to most men!

What Guys Find Attractive in a Girl

We’ve gone over physical attractiveness points: hourglass figures, big breasts, and big butts. However, there are a few other ones that are often overlooked, such as eye color, your style of hair, your smile, and your skin! By taking care of your body and setting your own personal beauty standards, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a man even if you don’t fit the typical standard of beauty in life. Happy couples often don’t look as attractive as when they initially got together, but they’re still in a healthy relationship where they’re highly attracted to each other. Why? Personality! A great personality can often make up for a person being less attractive, so even if a man’s wife doesn’t look as stunning as she used to, he still finds her attractive because of their emotional bond, and if you ask him what does he find attractive in his woman, he’ll say “Everything.” Even if someone is the most attractive person on Earth, the inability to communicate or talk in any depth will inevitably lead to the end of the relationship.

How to Be Attractive to Men

You know what do men find attractive in women physically, but what do they crave emotionally? Especially if you’re planning on marriage or searching for a husband, ensuring emotional compatibility is key. However, if you’re still in the beginning stages of the relationship, this means maintaining a certain level of composure. Men often like girls who are funny and open-minded to talking about anything. They also like women who are relatively laidback, not someone who is constantly making waves throughout the household over non-issues. You’ll want to avoid being overbearing, overly critical, or “naggy” since continued displays of these tendencies will often lead your man to break up with you.

What Do Men Look for in a Woman?

If you want to be the long-term partner he’ll never want to lose, then you’ll need to combine looks and personality into the perfect package. This is actually easier than it seems! First, you can make your romantic connections a lot easier by seeking out like-minded men. Seeking the “bad boy” or someone who’s the polar opposite of you may seem fun at the time, but you have to think long-term. If you both live completely different lifestyles, then it’s unlikely that you will make it far past marriage, but less raise a family together, so seek out compatible men. Next, try to keep yourself looking beautiful. This means wearing makeup, clean clothes, and maintaining basic hygiene. If you’re not sure what attracts the type of man you’d like, ask your guy friends, “what do you find attractive in a woman?” They can often give you specific location-based and cultural insights that may help you find a man faster. Lastly, be friendly! Many women think that coming off as cold makes them more appealing, but the majority of men actually find this off-putting. Generally speaking, being friendly will get you more matches!

How to Be Attractive to Guys

If you’ve read this far, then you already know what do guys find attractive in a girl! However, for all of you that skipped right down to the end, here’s a quick summary of all the need-to-knows.

  • Your face is your first impression! Whether online or off, make sure your face is as flawless as possible.

  • An easy way for single women to find a relationship is simply by being friendly; don’t be so serious!

  • The “hourglass figure” may not be attainable by everyone, but there are many online resources to help you get close.

  • Even if you love someone, if you don’t have compatible lifestyles, then you shouldn’t expect to make it far past dating.

  • Male ideas of beauty vary by individual, location, and culture.