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How to Create Sexual Tension With a Guy

The internet is a plethora of dating advice & tips on how to get the men you date hot & ready. Unfortunately, if you’ve actually tried any of this information, you probably already know that a lot of it simply doesn’t work on most guys. Whipped cream—really? If this sounds like you, then not to fear. We’re here today to give you advice that actually works, not some thrown-together “facts” that will never work in the real world. Fortunately, building sexual tension, meaning alluring him so hard he’ll start drooling over you isn’t extremely hard, but there are some things that work better than others. Are you ready to learn? Here we go!

How Do You Know If You Have Sexual Tension With Someone

If your only meeting place is online, then it may seem challenging to figure out if someone is sexually attracted to you. After all, a profile page or blog post can only tell you so much! Thankfully, men tend to be fairly straightforward when it comes to sexual attraction, so this will be as easy as you make it. If you prefer a “classier” approach, then you can build up the sexual tension gradually & ease into it. Prefer a more direct approach? This will instantly answer your questions! It’s actually easy to free yourself from sexual chemistry and tension simply by asking the person if they’re sexually attracted to you, but sometimes they may not be willing to admit it. If that’s the case, then you have a challenge on your hands!

How to Create Sexual Chemistry With a Man

Building sexual chemistry with a guy isn’t too hard. In general, unless they have a good reason to avoid you, most single people (men in particular) will take a sexual opportunity when presented with one. However, society tends to judge women who “give it up” too easy, so how fast you decide to approach this situation is ultimately up to you. A great way to begin building sexual chemistry is by sending him pictures. These don’t have to be lewd or nude pictures; rather, simply send him a picture of you in a cute outfit! We’ve all heard the stories of women’s nude pictures getting leaked, so it’s best to air on the side of caution when sending those types of pictures anyway (at least until you get to know him better). How he reacts to the pictures will send signs. The sexual chemistry between this man is potent if he sends you a flirtatious message back! You can continue to build this sexual chemistry by exchanging naughty messages & pictures, commonly known as “sexting.” Sexting is actually a great way to learn about your partner’s sexual preferences, share fantasies, & “get in the mood,” so don’t knock it until you try it! Also, you can do it whenever you want! Sending him a sexy photo out of the blue is sure to make him ready to come home.

How to Tease Your Boyfriend

In everyday life, happy couples around the world are constantly teasing each other in a sexual way. If you happen to have a special person in your life & you’d like to make him squirm, you have two available avenues: in-person or over text!

  • In-person, a great way to tease him is by bending over in front of him while completely ignoring him.

  • Another way is to brush up against him & then pull away before he can do anything. This is guaranteed to drive him wild! If you’re talking over text, you can either talk dirty or send sexy pictures. We recommend starting with talking dirty & then working up to pictures. Be sure to drag out the conversation if you really want to tease him!

How to Tell a Guy You Want Him Sexually Over Text

Whether you’re already in a healthy marriage as wife & husband, dating, or simply talking, you’ll use the same approach to let a guy know you’re sexually interested. Men are very visual creatures, so sending pictures is the obvious approach. However, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun with it! One thing worth trying is sending him a picture with a question. For example, one of the sexy things to say to your crush is, “When are you going to take a break & come visit me?” along with a sexy picture of yourself. Doing things like this over text are sure to drive him wild, regardless of what your current relationship status is!

How to Create Sexual Tension

First, let’s define our sexual tension meaning. Sexual tension means both parties are attracted to each other, but often it doesn’t go anywhere—no good! What you want to do is build up the sexual tension, then break through it & finally have sex. You can build this up in waves or all in one night, but regardless of how you do it, approach with care. If you’re making him wait too long, he could lose the spark! Some signs of sexual tension in men are physical, such as erections, & others are in manner, such as providing you with awkward compliments. Either way, this is good news for you! It’s important to have some sort of sexual tension between you & your partner (especially if you’re in it for the long-term and intend on having a family) as long as you release it eventually. Sometimes, the buildup makes the sex even better!

How to Release Sexual Tension

One thing that most people are like-minded on is how to release sexual tension: simply have sex! Sex is a great thing since it helps form both physical & emotional connections between both partners, which means it can actually help grow your relationship! Are you wondering how to make him want you sexually? As we’ve discussed, brushing up against him or sending dirty texts are two easier approaches, but if he’s not getting the message, just get naked in front of him. Unless he’s not attracted to you in any sense, he will definitely understand what you’re after.

Turning Words Into Actions

You know how to tease your man, but you can’t only tease: you also have to follow through with your promises! This is less important for single women than girls dating or in a marriage, but you should still try to do what you implied you will do. Said you were going to rock his world? Well, now it’s time to do so!

If you’re not quite sure what to do, stick to what’s been mentioned in your messages. Re-read his responses to find what he seems most interested in, and try those first. If all else fails, there are plenty of resources online that will help you live a fun & fulfilling sex life. One common tool is the Kama Sutra, which is a book sold in stores around the world that describes a bunch of different sexual positions & techniques for you & your partner to try. Go wild!

Continuing the Cycle

It’s pretty easy to learn how to tease men sexually, and once you get the hang of it, you might fall in love with the feeling of constantly being wanted! That’s ok—everyone deserves to feel wanted! Unfortunately, not every relationship (no matter how serious) will result in perfect sexual compatibility. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to consider if your love with this male is worth a potentially unfulfilling sex life or if you’d rather find someone who’s more sexually compatible. The choice is up to you!