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How to Impress a Married Woman

There are two main questions this blog will look to help you with how to tell if a married woman wants you, and two, what to do about it. Dating is complicated, and a lot of guys seek advice. But when it comes to married women, relationships get all the more complicated. That’s love, so where shall we start?

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex with You

There’s a lot of stuff out there concerning this topic, and you should take it all with a grain of salt. More than a grain. Maybe take it with a whole salt shaker. Some pick-up artists know what they’re talking about, but many suggest questionable tips and have questionable morals. There’s no way to “trick” a girl into having sex with you. She has actually to like you. To do that, you need to learn how to foster healthy connections and master the art of talking. Or you could be really hot. Though, in truth, this rarely imbues a man with anything more than a slight advantage.

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex

A girl is very unlikely to have sex with you if she feels uncomfortable, whether she’s married or not, whether she’s a virgin or very experienced. Don’t pressure a girl, don’t say things to make her feel uncomfortable, and don’t come on too strong. When you feel the time is right, go ahead and invite her back to your place, but make it clear she can say, “No thank you”, and that’s not a problem for you. And if she does agree to go back to your place, that doesn’t automatically mean she’ll have sex with you. Sexual relationships can be tricky, but they’re also meant to be enjoyable. Flirt a bit, make jokes, and don’t be too serious.

Signs She Wants to Have Sex

If you go on a date with a woman, and she agrees to a second date, a third date, a fourth date, etc., that’s a pretty good sign she’s into you. Everybody moves at they’re own pace. A married woman looking to hook up with somebody who’s not her husband might want to have sex on a first date. An inexperienced girl or a woman who has survived a sexual assault might take a long time, even if she’s into you. Physical contact is always good. Does she touch your arm or knee when she laughs or when she’s talking to you? How does she react when you touch her? Maybe touch the small of her back as you two enter a room or as you’re pulling a chair out for her and try to see how she reacts. Does she look you in the eyes? Does she smile a lot? If she comes back to your place or invites you to hers, that’s a good sign she wants to have sex, but it’s not a sure thing. How close do you two sit on a couch? If you two are knee to knee, you should probably try to make a move and see how it goes.

When a Married Woman Likes You

Dating single women is tough enough for men, but married women? Oof. What do you do when a married woman likes you? If you’re afraid of making waves and causing her to lose her partner, her family, and her marriage, then you should probably pretend that she doesn’t like you and if she directly comes on to you, politely decline. The same is true if you’re fearful of her husband chasing you down the street with a golf club or something. But if you like a married woman, well. . .people and relationships are complicated, and so is love. Whatever your reason, how should you proceed?

How do You Know if a Married Woman is Attracted to You?

There’s not a great deal of difference between single and married women regarding how they display attraction. Generally speaking, the male brain has evolved to interpret even the slightest bit of interest as a potential sign of attraction in a woman. This means that even under normal circumstances, a guy should question whether what he thinks is a sign a woman is attracted to him might not be a sign of that at all. When it comes to married women, you should be even more skeptical and assume she’s not attracted to you. But if she keeps laughing at your jokes (even when they’re not funny), keeps touching your arms or legs, or talks about love and sex with you, well, she might be attracted to you.

How to Tell if a Married Woman Wants to Sleep with You

A married woman probably wants to be a good wife and probably doesn’t want to break off her marriage, so the bar to get her to sleep with you is that much higher. On the other hand, if you guys keep hanging out late at night after work, if you two are spending time together without her husband or any of your friends around, or if she keeps texting you and broaching suggestive topics, she might want to sleep with you.

Signs a Married Woman is Interested in You

Does she complain about her husband or not discuss him at all? Does she ask about your love life? Does she bring up love or sex as topics? Does she want to spend lots of time with you. These are all great signs that she’s interested in you.

How to Attract Married Women

Are you attracted to a specific married woman? Or do you just like the idea of getting together with married women? Well, they’re out there. Lots of women are turned on by having sex with men who aren’t their husbands. And a lot of them are online. You can meet such women on dating sites, like You can sign up and set up a profile for free. These sites make it a lot easier to find a like-minded person who isn’t tied to the idea of fidelity.

How do I Know if a Married Woman Likes Me?

Another thing to consider is that maybe these married women may or may not like you aren’t cheating. There are many happy and healthy polyamorous or open couples. An open relationship means that one or both members of a couple can date, flirt with, and maybe even have sex with other people. It sounds crazy to many people, but these types of relationships work for many couples out there. So, if you want to have sex with a married woman but you don’t break up a family, this would be a great option. An open relationship usually means they can casually date, flirt with, or hook up with other people. Polyamorous couples allow for more long-term, serious relationships outside the couple. A married woman showing signs of liking you could be in an open or polyamorous relationship, so it might be worth asking.

A Married Woman Loves Me

If a married woman in a polyamorous relationship loves you, you need to consider if you can be in a relationship with a woman who also loves another man. For many guys, this won’t work, but there are plenty of success stories out there about these kinds of relationships. But what if a married woman loves you and she’s not in a polyamorous relationship? That’s when life gets even more complicated. Do you love her? If not, you’ll have to tell her sorry, but whatever is between you two is over. If you do love her or think that you do, you have a lot of thinking. Just how much are you willing to sacrifice for this relationship? Consider what kind of damage will be left in your wake. It might not be worth it. But if she’s going to leave her husband anyway, it might as well be for you, right?

How to Know if a Married Woman Likes You More than a Friend

While a married woman is probably not going to straight-up tell you that you sexually arouse her, and you’re probably not going on “dates” when you meet up, but there are signs. Married women find themselves attracted to guys who aren’t their husbands all the time. Pay attention to physical contact, tone of the text messages she sends you (especially if she sends you selfies), and how much time she wants to spend with you.