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It isn’t easy to find anything more romantic than the perfect letter written by someone you care about. Couples have been exchanging love letters for thousands of years to show their feelings. Although that’s not a popular way of expressing love nowadays, it can still bring many results because emojis and texts can’t compare to the might of the emotional letter hand-written on paper. Of course, beautiful words sent in chat work too; that doesn’t take away any of their power, but having an actual paper is a nice memory everybody will keep.

However, writing isn’t simple, especially if a relationship depends on it. That’s why it’s important to learn all the tips about writing letters that hit the sweet spot every time a person reads them. Every expert will tell you the same - nothing is more important than a love letter beginning. If it doesn’t grab attention and starts turning on emotions from the first sentence, everything else is written for nothing. Nobody will read it.

How to Begin a Love Letter

Regardless if it’s written for a man or woman, a letter has to sound confident from the very beginning. One of the pro tips to make writing appear more confident is to avoid words such as maybe, I assume, who knows, etc. That weakens the text, and the reader will feel a lack of confidence. You don’t want to destroy your chances and make it look like you aren’t sure about your feelings. You’re writing a love letter, you’re certain what you feel, and nothing can change your mind. Make it sound like that. Not like you’re writing a shopping list. Milk, bread, and maybe apples. You have to know the goal of the text to make it perfect. Another free pro advice on that - write everything you’ll include in a love letter on a piece of paper. That will boost creativity, and it will be easier to make connections between those events, objects, etc.

What to Include in a Love Letter?

The best way to start a love letter is by calling your partner by the nickname you gave her/him. Some couples don’t have nicknames they use all the time, but every couple has special names. By opening a love letter, you’ll show that it isn’t copied from somewhere and isn’t written for anybody. It’s written for your special person.

After “Dear Honeycomb”, the first paragraph is the real love letter beginning. That’s where emotions start rising, thanks to the good choice of words. Remember to be bold and confident and include this in the opening paragraph:

  • the occasion - birthday, wedding anniversary, just expressing love, etc.

  • the reason why a love letter is being written - to remind a partner how much you love them, to make them smile and brighten their day, to make sure they know they have a special spot in your heart, etc.

Once you throw a hook and your partner bites it (that’s what the first paragraph is for), you can proceed with writing the body. Make sure you break it into paragraphs to make love letters easier to read (another free pro writing tip). The body of the love letter should include:

  • memories you created together - some details from your dates, trips, or some funny moments from your relationship.

  • how being in a relationship with them makes you feel - that should be intertwined into the whole text; the perfect love letter uses emotion as a glue to connect memories, events, and other stuff. Remember, the reader must know who you are feeling the whole time but don’t just write “I love you” in every sentence. Say that without actually saying it.

  • the plans for two of you as a couple - no, that doesn’t have to be a long-term plan that will solve your lives. Just say that you aren’t going anywhere or something similar. Why? Find an explanation in the next paragraph.

How to Make Sure a Love Letter Will Work?

When you know the best way to start a love letter and what to include in it, you have to learn why those parts are important. After that, you’ll understand what makes a love letter work, so you’ll be able to write great letters without help.

  • calling a partner by the nickname you gave her/him - showing you wrote that love letter just for them out of all other people on the planet

  • including the occasion - so your partner can remember when she/he got the letter every time they read it

  • expressing the reason for writing - that’s different from the occasion. Birthday is an occasion. Your ever-lasting love that can’t be tamed is the reason

  • memories - try to remember small details about your favorite memories. That will be a sign that you’re soaking in every moment the two of you spend together. Nothing makes a heart melt faster than knowing someone remembers every moment with you.

  • stating how you feel because you’re in a relationship with someone special to you - of course, not every love letter is written between couples. Some are written to win over single people, but the principle is the same. Let the reader know why they are special; everybody likes to hear (read) that.

  • plans for the future - don’t go full Ted-Mosby-mode and write names of your future kids in the love letter, but show that you have plans for the future with your (potential) partner by your side even if the plans are only for the next week, that will give your partner a feeling of safety because they’ll know you aren’t going anywhere.

How to Start Writing a Love Letter

Sometimes you can have all the parts and all the tools, but you still don’t know how to start connecting them. That’s normal; writer’s block is a serious issue even the best writers face. But there are ways around it. You can find them below.

Where to Find Inspiration for a Written Love Letter?

All you have to do is remember some details from your relationship to build a letter. Even if you’re single and trying to win somebody over, you must have some memories together. Use that to find a way to show how you are feeling. If you think you have a boring relationship, so you can’t find inspiration for a love letter, you’re wrong.

For example, if you’ve ever watched Netflix together, you surely made fun of the actors, the plot, or anything else. Writing something like “when I remember how hard you laughed *insert the scene from a movie you watched together*, I can’t help but smile” is a great way to find inspiration in something ordinary. Remember, the perfect love letter is perfect only for one person. Everybody else shouldn’t be able to understand it because it’s very personal.

Will a Love Letter Sent Online Work?

You may be wondering if an online text can be as good as a written love letter. The emotions in both are the same, so there won’t be any different when it comes to the effect. The only difference will be practical. Digital love letters are amazing because they are with the reader all the time. Whenever she/he feels like reading, it’s somewhere on the phone. A written love letter is perfect because it’s more romantic and stored in the box of memories. Our advice is to go for a written love letter, but don’t be afraid to send a digital one.

How to End a Love Letter

Ending a love letter is the easiest part. Including something deeply personal in the last sentence is the best way to end a love letter.

Does Every Love Letter Have to End Sadly?

Most people connect love letters to sad love, but not every love letter is sad. Some are happy. Of course, a happy letter that celebrates something doesn’t have to end in a sad tone. It should end positively. That will boost the effectiveness of the whole text and seal the deal.

Should You Go With Your Regular Signature, or?

How you sign under the love letter conclusion is important as well. If you opened with “Dear Honeycomb”, you should end with “Your Bee”. That will have a much better effect than just writing “Your Joe”. Make your letter as personal as it can be that will give it enormous power.