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Getting Ready to Flirt With Girls Online

Are you ready to find love & get in a serious relationship with women you met online? If you’re reading this, chances are, that’s actually exactly what you want! Unfortunately, the idea of beginning to flirt with girls online is something that’s usually intimidating to the average male. On the positive side, online dating is actually a lot less stressful than dating in real life (IRL). The first (and biggest) obstacle you will certainly have to overcome is your fear of failure. Unlike at a bar, no one else will actually know you failed, so the only one judging you is yourself. Stop always doing that! Once you’ve achieved a certain level of apathy about the success (or failure) of your online endeavors, then it’s time to actually learn what to say & how to say it.

How to Flirt Online

When we ask ourselves how do you flirt with someone, whether online or off, we tend to overthink it, so let’s get back to basics! What exactly is flirting? Well, flirting is talking with another person that you’re attracted to in an effort to gain their (hopefully) romantic or sexual attention. Often, we try to start the conversation with pickup lines & continue it with humor. However, usually, pick-up lines tend to be a hit or miss, so you’ll really want to do your research before actually trying them out. Fortunately, the research actually isn’t that hard! A simple Google search should definitely give you some ideas of lines to try. From there, simply choose lines based on the particular girl you’re talking to. The perfect line will fit the audience. For example, a sports-based pickup line could work great for an athletic girl, but you probably won’t have a lot of success by using it on a goth girl.

How to Chat With a Woman Online

Meaningful connections are made online every day between single individuals. Often, these great conversations lead to something more, perhaps even marriage! Unfortunately, we’re usually the biggest obstacle standing in our way. Fear of failure definitely discourages many men from messaging beautiful girls online simply because they consider them to actually be “out of their league.” However, if you definitely want to be successful when chatting with women online then you certainly need to get out of this mindset. This means stop always thinking of “leagues” & start thinking of people. The great part about online dating is that you actually have a fresh start with any pretty girls you’re talking with. Once you find an attractive woman, do some digging around her profile. Figure out the types of things she’s into, if she has a sense of humor, & generally what she’s like. You’ll use this information shortly when you send her a message!

Begin scene: you’re about to actually send her a message. Are you afraid of rejection? Don’t be. Most men wondering about how do you flirt with someone and starting to do so will be rejected at one point or another during their lives, and if that happens, then it’s OK. There are literally thousands of attractive single women on most dating sites, so being rejected by one really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Simply take your shot, see how it goes, and always have fun with it!

How to Flirt With a Man Online

As a woman, you definitely have a giant advantage: the men are after you, not the other way around! This makes online dating, chatting, and flirting much easier since you’ll have a larger pool to choose from. Of course, the standard dating tips & advice still apply: be friendly, be funny, & always be flirtatious! However, just because you’re friendly certainly doesn’t mean you have to talk to guys you simply wouldn’t date. If a guy you’re not interested in messages you, let him know upfront. You’ll definitely save both of you a lot of wasted time. Once you do find the perfect guy, here are some good (and bad) examples of what to say to him.

How to Flirt With a Guy Online Examples


  • “You look so strong. What do you do for work?”

  • “Hey, handsome!”

  • “I need a big, strong man in my life. Is that you?”


  • “You’re hot.”

  • “We should hook up.”

  • “Just so you know, I’m not THAT type of girl.”

How to Casually Flirt With a Girl

After you’ve actually started the conversation & she’s started responding, it’s usually much easier to keep the conversation constantly going. The important thing is to definitely avoid coming on too strong. If you’ve actually just started talking, now is not the time to start talking about a long-term partner or family goals (unless she brings it up first). What you want to do is mix questions with light-hearted jokes & compliments until you get to know each other a bit better. Learning about her is really important because it actually lets you know if you’re like-minded singles (and therefore could make a good couple) or if you’re likely to lose interest very quickly.

Always try to split the conversation equally between her & you. You definitely don’t want to talk too much about yourself; this makes you seem conceited. At the same time, you certainly don’t want her to carry the entire conversation when it’s you who came to her to flirt with someone online. There is a fine balance, but with the right girl, the perfect conversation should flow naturally. If you run out of things to say, tell her a funny story. Chances are, there’s someone in your life that has done something recently that would definitely make her laugh. This is the perfect time for that person to be your wingman!

How to Flirt With Someone Online

You’re most likely making flirting harder for yourself than it actually needs to be. Remember, there’s no guarantee that the person you’re talking to will definitely be your future wife (or husband), so the amount of pressure you’re putting on yourself should be low at best. Rather, you should always approach online flirting as a fun activity that could potentially get you the perfect date. This means actually enjoying the conversation while getting to know this new person. If you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable waves of sickness in your stomach, then, unfortunately, it may be time to take a break because you’re stressing yourself out unnecessarily.

If you do find yourself stressing when flirting with someone online, slow down a bit. Managing multiple conversations with a bunch of beautiful ladies can certainly be stressful, so rather than talking to groups of people, only talk to one or two girls at a time.

How to Be Better at Flirting

Practice! Becoming an expert at flirting definitely takes practice, much like most other things in life. Happy relationships when you go from flirting to dating sometimes do happen overnight, but it’s up to luck just as much as up to skill. In fact, if you talk to multiple healthy couples, you’ll often find that the pieces just seemed to click. There isn’t always a reason to love; sometimes, it just happens! Instead of thinking of “this girl” as your future wife, envision her as a step on the way to marriage.

Chatting and Flirting

Chatting and flirting go hand-in-hand, so if you get great at carrying a conversation & telling stories, then you’re sure to get better at flirting as well. Many single people try to become a different person when they flirt/chat online in an attempt to make themselves more attractive in a sexual sense. Don’t do this. There’s actually a good reason to avoid that practice! Think of it this way; if she falls in love with the guy you’re portraying, can you keep up the charade forever? Probably not. It’s always best to be yourself!

How to Go From Flirting to Dating

Whether you meet someone in real life at a local place, in the comments of a blog, or via the profile of your favorite free dating site, there’s no need to rush. Read a bit of advice on how to flirt with a guy online or how to chat with a woman online, and only then start talking to them. Often, coming without preparations will ruin what could have been a good thing! Take your time, enjoy each other’s company, and love will soon follow.