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Using a Dating Site: Identifying Scammer Names

Much like how online scammers will bait you with the hope of finding a serious relationship, we’ve actually baited you with this title! The truth is there usually isn’t a sure-fire way to tell that someone is a fake or a scammer on a dating site solely from their name. Most of the time, it’s simply some male posing as single women that are trying to “find love.” If you’re wondering how to tell if someone is scamming you online, the good news is you can often figure it out pretty quickly. Usually, the scammer themselves will actually give it away! Have you ever been talking to a girl, it’s going pretty well, then out of the blue, she asks you for money? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that girl was a guy, & he was a scammer!

Why Do Scammers Use Dating Sites?

It’s unfortunate, but scamming money online is actually becoming more commonplace as more people learn that pretending to search for like-minded connections can actually be a fast-track to some cash. We hate to say it, but even the people who get paid to be an online girlfriend are definitely more respectable than these scammers! Scammers often search for singles desperate for marriage when looking for victims because their desperation usually means they’ll, unfortunately, be more willing to take risks. Simply from sitting at home & messaging random men, they can easily rake in money every week without really having to actually work at all. That’s certainly great for them, but it definitely doesn’t work out for everyone: the victims are left alone, heartbroken, and with less money.

How Much Do Scammers Make?

Since scamming people online definitely isn’t a legal activity, there, unfortunately, isn’t an online dating scammer list we can use to reference how much these people actually make (or rather, how much the victims lose). It always really depends on which victims they choose & what tactics they use. For example, a scammer is much more likely to make large amounts of money if they have a long-term scam going rather than a short one. They can also make more if they choose a “partner” who doesn’t have a family, therefore allowing them to send money in waves more frequently. As we mentioned before, desperation certainly makes it easier for scammers to prey, so even if you’ve actually been alone for the last twenty years, definitely avoid mentioning this to someone you just started talking to. If they’re a real person, it certainly doesn’t put you in the best of lights. If they’re a scammer, you just opened up a can of worms! Remember, you should always avoid highlighting any weak points when dating online. Caution is key!

Questions to Ask a Romance Scammer

So what should you do if you think someone may be a scammer? Easy-to-identify online dating scammer photos, unfortunately, don’t exist (although you may notice some pictures being reused on multiple sites). Without these romance scammer photos, you always have to rely purely on your own intuition to keep you protected. However, you can definitely increase your chances of avoiding being scammed by talking to the person & making them answer a few questions for you.

  • What are they looking for? If she’s looking for a husband right away, she might be a scammer.

  • What does she do for work? If they say they’re unemployed & need money, they’re definitely a scammer.

  • Have they recently been in a relationship? If they avoid this question or simply say they took a break, this often means bad news for you. Proceed with caution.

Although it is possible that the typical “scammer” answers may actually be legitimate ones, you certainly have to ask yourself: is it worth the risk? Do you want to invest both your emotions & your time? What will you do if they “are just a couple of thousand dollars short”? This may actually seem like an easy answer, but scammers always prey on your emotions, so once they have you, they won’t let go. Some may even try to extort you if you threaten to cut off contact. Is that worth it? We certainly don’t think so.

Signs of a Romance Scammer

There are definitely a few common signs of a romance scammer. Usually, these are shown by gaping holes in their life “stories.” Are they enjoying their life? Happy to help you out? Or are they the ones who need help? Always being willing to talk is great, but if they only want to talk about money or marriage, then this woman is unlikely to be the healthy wife you’re looking for.

It’s important to always ask them about their past relationships. Most couples run into issues, so they should be able to provide some insight for you. A lack of details is definitely sketchy at best and actually dangerous at worst. Another thing you’ll want to ask for is pictures. Any real person should be able to easily provide you with pictures of themselves. However, avoid making it suspicious. Instead, bring it up casually, such as: “Wow, I’d love to see your beautiful smile!”. If they refuse to show you pictures of themselves, talk on the phone, or communicate anywhere else than the dating site, they’re most likely a scammer.

How to Tell If Someone Is a Romance Scammer

Unfortunately, until they actually ask you for money, there’s no perfect way to tell if a person is a romance scammer online. They may definitely seem like the ideal match—both in an emotional & a sexual sense—but they could actually just be waiting to make their move. A great way to avoid potential scammers is by asking them to meet up. Take any excuse with a grain of salt, no matter how good the reason seems. One time is acceptable, two times is questionable, three times is a no-go. In the end, you’re here to find real romance, so if they’re not willing to meet up, then they’re not worth your time. Don’t be the guy that gets scammed; be the guy that finds his perfect match online!

Report Internet Scammers

If you already know how to report someone on Facebook, then you probably know how to report a scammer. Most dating sites have a place on each profile where you can report people for attempting to scam you. If you easily can’t find the button, check the website’s support blog: you can usually find the information there. The “report” button often has a “block” feature, which will allow you to completely block the scammer from contacting you. It’s especially important that you never tell a scammer you’re going to block them. Just do it. If you give them a heads up, they may threaten you or try to find another way to prevent you from ceasing contact with them.

How to Outsmart a Romance Scammer

Truthfully, there isn’t a way to “outsmart” a romance scammer without scamming them yourself. This may seem like an attractive (or even entertaining) option, but remember: you’re better than that! Instead of wasting your time talking to a fake profile who’s not really looking for dating guys & only wants to steal the money of men, simply block them instead. They’re not worth your time. Instead, read up on some of our other dating tips & advice, then start flirting with real women who are actually looking for a date. After all, the majority of dating services cost money, so don’t waste it!