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How to Come Out of Friend Zone

If you’re a guy, chances are, you’ve probably wondered how to escape the friend zone. There are many different ways you can get in there, but only a few ways to get out. Unfortunately, many guys that find themselves stuck in there never get out and ultimately never get the chance that they think they deserve. Throughout this article, we’ll be going over some tips to help men escape and start dating the girl of their dreams! However, one of the important things we’ll also go over is figuring out whether or not this girl is the right girl for you to date. Often, we’re so blinded by love we can’t see that the match just won’t work. Could this be the case for you? Let’s find out!

Escaping the Friend Zone With a Girl

When you’re trying to figure out how to get out of the friend zone, you’ll probably look for advice online first (like in this blog post!). Before we actually get into escaping this place, we should look into the wrong approaches that you need to avoid. Here’s a couple guys often think will work (hint: they won’t!).

  • Making an online dating profile. You might think that she’ll get jealous and somehow get jealous, but this is unlikely to happen. For one, she’ll need to actually see your dating profile to even notice it. Also, she’s already implied she’s not interested in dating, so she’s unlikely to care anyway.

  • Giving her everything for free. Sure, the boyfriend will usually give their girlfriend everything for free, but why would she need to date you when you do it already? By doing this, you’re removing an incentive for her to date you.

  • Always being available to meet. Even in a relationship, couples have different schedules. If you’re working around her schedule, at best, you’re simply filling in for her boyfriend. At worst, you look like a push-over.

What Does “Friend Zone” Mean

Just in case you’re not completely clear on the term, let’s go over exactly what the “friend zone” is. You’ve probably heard single people tell stories about this. Typically, there’s a good guy” who’s really romantically interested in his female friend, but she’s denied all his advances, and he can’t figure out what the reason is. A common excuse is “girls only like bad boys.” While this may be true in some situations, it’s far more likely that he’s simply taking the wrong approach. This is what the friend zone is: when you want a romantic relationship with a friend who’s only interested in a platonic one. Thankfully, there are ways to get out of this, but the first step is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You’re not the only one this is happening to, and chances are, it may even happen again! Also, you need to accept that she may not be the right one for you. No one is perfect, so you shouldn’t plan your entire future around nothing more than a possibility.

3 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Now that we’ve established that your plan for a perfect life, happy relationship, and inevitable marriage may not be realistic, let’s return to the optimistic side! Here are three sure-fire ways to get out of the friend zone.

  • Stop being her go-to person. If you already provide her all of the “boyfriend” perks without needing to put a label on it, then there’s no reason why she’d want to commit. Slowly stop doing these. You need to establish that you’re not a person who can be walked over. Once she realizes this, she’ll start looking at you in a different way, and that’s the only way to make your best friend your girlfriend.

  • Don’t talk to her about your interest. There is a time and a place for it; that time is not now. Especially if you’ve already mentioned it, stop! Continually bringing it up will make you seem creepy and definitely lower your chances of actually getting the girl.

  • Improve your sexual performance. If you’re already having relations with this person, but you’re more of a “friend with benefits,” then it’s time to up your game! Romance and sex are often separate, so this is your chance to build a bridge between the two. Put your all into these experiences, ensuring that she has a great time and being conscious of her reactions to your actions. Sex is an important part of any relationship, so it’s important to showcase your skills when possible.

How to Move on From a Girl

Maybe you couldn’t get the girl in the end. Or maybe you did get her, let a girl know you like her and you became a couple, but the relationship didn’t work out. Whatever the reason, many couples don’t work out, and that’s OK. You’ll find the perfect healthy relationship and get a wife eventually, but there’s no point in rushing towards marriage. When you’ve just broken up with your girl, the best thing to do is to take a break. It’s OK to keep talking to other girls, but you should try to remain single for at least a little while. You want to regain your independence before pursuing another relationship. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness, so if you can’t be happy by yourself, then you’re not ready for another relationship just yet.

How to Go About Letting a Girl Know You Like Her

Once you’re in control of your own happiness again, it’s time to get back to dating. However, to avoid any downward spirals or waves of sadness in the future, you must be prepared to lose your next girl (or even the one after that) on your quest to becoming a husband. Unfortunately, the world of love is often up and down, which means that success is just as common as a failure. But once you’ve accepted this and you’re ready to jump back in, here’s how to make a girl think about you in the romantic way.

There are two ways to let a girl know you like her: directly and indirectly. Directly is fairly self-explanatory. Simply tell her you think she’s cute and ask her out on a date. Indirectly takes a bit more time since you’re letting her know through actions rather than words. Be careful when using this strategy since it’s easy to fall back into the friend zone when doing nice things for someone.

How to Flirt With a Friend

If the person you’d like to be your next partner is already your friend, then you have an advantage. Assuming you are like-minded and already have connections on a variety of topics, the switch from friendship to romance should be somewhat easier. There are a few things you’ll want to know (which you can find out now or later), such as if they want to raise a family and if they’re looking for something long-term. Once you’ve figured out this, you can start to flirt with them.

The flirting is just like any other flirting; make cute jokes here and there, avoiding being mean while poking fun at them. If they return the comments, then you can start getting a bit more personal with them. After you’ve done this for a bit, it’s time to ask them out on a date. You don’t have to phrase it quite like that, but make sure they know it’s a date. Otherwise, you may end up being friend-zoned again.

How to Make a Girl Think About You

If you want to know how to make your best friend your girlfriend, the key lies within whether or not (and how) she thinks about you. Single women are constantly approached by men both online and off, so you’ll need to be able to stand out from the crowd. This means making it clear you’re looking for dating (or potentially marriage) without coming off too strong. You should make sure to talk with this girl often but avoid talking to her every day until you’re together. Morning texts are for couples, not friends. It’s OK to give her gifts, but don’t make a routine of it. By surprising her out of the blue, the gifts will be more memorable and meaningful.

How to Escape the Friendzone With a Guy

Lastly, for the ladies: getting out of the friendzone with a guy. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get out of the friend zone and into a serious relationship with a male than it is with a female. So what do you have to do? Take the initiative! This doesn’t mean expressing your love in some secret crush letters; simply find them and ask them out! Most guys will respond positively to this, so you’ll know right away if they’re interested or not.