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Are you wondering of ways to op missing your ex? Do you still love your ex-boyfriend and have mixed feelings after a breakup? Well, this is normal. It is just because the mind keeps on replaying the memories you have shared. You may find yourself crying and feeling horrible about your break up but all that is the phase that you need to pass through to get the energy to get into the next relationship and find your purpose. Remember, you were coming out of a situation when you had someone by your side to dating yourself.

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex

How to Get Over an Ex-Boyfriend You Love

The most difficult phase in your life as a woman can be loving a man with all you have, and then he leaves you. However, you need to accept that your boyfriend is your past and decide to move on. You also need to let your feelings out and your emotions which most ladies do through crying. Learn to love yourself, get yourself friends and new hobbies which will keep you occupied, and this makes it easier for you to forget about the entire experience and move on. You can take at least 6 months to forget about your ex-boyfriend before deciding to move to a new relationship. This will help you list all the things you don’t need in a man for future dates.

Getting Over an Ex-Boyfriend

Getting over an ex-boyfriend may be easier than most ladies imagine. Even though it’s difficult for most of them, keeping him close without depletion of feelings and attraction can make it worse. Therefore, the first thing you can do is remove all the reminders of the relationship, which may include special things he got you and pictures together. Second, you need to find all the things that annoyed you about him, and the negative behavior that made you pissed at him and ensure that there is nothing you will miss. Staying busy is ideal in such a situation and working on the goals you had put on hold when you were together. One thing you need to avoid is planning revenge or spreading any negative energy about him.

How Long Does it Take to Get Over an Ex?

Getting over an ex-boyfriend will take you some time. However, it depends on the seriousness of the relationship, the things you have begun together, and if it was the marriage situation. Once you focus on yourself, it can take two months to a year to completely forget about the relationship and stop feeling broken. Therefore, the timeline is highly dependent on the personal importance, the circumstances of the breakup, the intensity of the relationship, and the length of the relationship, among other factors. However, some people may heal faster compared to others.

How to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex

Obsession over an ex is something that may come into your mind from time to time. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to make sure that you terminate all reminders of your ex, which conclude pictures you may have taken together, the old pictures of the two of you. However, some of the things can be donated to charity. Additionally, you need a list of all the reasons you had to break up, and this forms the basis of understanding what you didn’t like about him. Third, you need to delete all the contact information when you decide to work on yourself and move on. Ensure that all the social accounts are not connected and avoid situations where you can see him moving on. This gets rid of any feelings you had left of him. Additionally, accept that it is difficult to forget them even though you completely accept the breakup. At this stage, you will need to seek professional help from the therapist and help you move forward with your life.

How to Forget About Your Ex

Forgetting your ex is not that easy. Women develop a physical and emotional attachment to a person, making it difficult for them to forget about them instantly. However, gradual acceptance of the fact that they broke up should be the way forward. The various ways a lady can forget about their ex are;

  • Stop stalking him

  • Start working

  • Stop and avoid the event of bumping into one another accidentally.

  • If you still have sexual encounters with him, stop.

  • You should understand the right time to stop talking about your ex.

  • Stop trying to be friends if you were not friends, to begin with.

  • Work on making some money and saving.

How to Overcome Ex-Boyfriend

How Do You Get Over Someone You Love?

Heartbreak s one of the hardest miseries you can come across. However, you need to train yourself that you need to move on and get over someone. Therefore, you need to remind yourself that pain is a temporary feeling, accept your past, and agree to move forward without this person. After accepting that you are no longer together comes the grieving period where you allow yourself to experience the full pain, and this becomes the healing process you need to follow. Letting go of the past is the final stage but don’t allow yourself to get into depression. If you can remain friends with your ex-boyfriend without any strings attached, you can do so while also giving quality time to yourself to overcome the breakup.

How to Get Over an Ex-Boyfriend Fast

After a breakup, you may experience a slow recovery process or a fast one. If you would like to get over someone fast enough, you need to do one thing. Ways to keep yourself preoccupied, avoid any communication and focus much on hobbies. If you are employed or a businesswoman, working overtime can help you reduce the thoughts and memories of your ex and help you heal faster. Another thing is moving to a new place, cutting him off completely and beginning and a fresh leaf of your life. This way, you have nothing to remind you of him. If you were friends on social media, you can delete him completely and avoid any acts of stalking his account.

Getting Over Your Ex-Boyfriend

Getting over our boyfriend is not an easy process. As discussed in the previous paragraphs, several processes are viable to get over your boyfriend. When it comes to the breaking up and splitting up, it is obvious that you have had a mutual agreement or been involved in a bad breakup. Getting over a breakup requires you to get your mind out of the relationship realm, focus on yourself, try online dating and flirting to flirt and feel free to begin something new like a hobby.

How to Move On From Your Ex-Boyfriend

Tips on How to Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend

  • Do not hold back if you wish to cry, do it and grief.

  • Always get rid of contact and social media if you don’t plan on being friends.

  • Get rid of all your belongings and the things you got together. Some things can be given to charity.

  • You can avoid watching romantic movies for some time.

  • Always make sure that you keep yourself occupied and busy to fast the healing process.

  • Have friends by your side as being alone can make you lonely and begin stalking your ex.

  • Move out of your apartment, location, or make a rearrangement.

  • You can pick up an interesting hobby or activity. For instance, most women may prefer to go to the gym to get their bodies back in shape.

How Do You Get Over An Ex-Boyfriend?

  • Let yourself get through the grieving process.

  • Embrace your independence and begin a hobby.

  • Detach yourself completely from your ex.

  • It’s okay to cry.

  • Have constant exercises

  • Surround yourself with family and friends of people who care about you and understand your situation.

  • List the qualities you have that you are the product of after the grieving process to help yourself ascertain what’s good for you.


Getting over an ex-boyfriend is one of the most difficult moments for a woman. However, dedication and following the suggested ways can help you overcome a toxic ex-boyfriend, love yourself, and help you move on with time.