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The perfect relationship compatibility quiz highlights the traits and goals of couples. For instance, where you hope to be in five years is a clear indication of your seriousness about life. A relationship compatibility quiz focusing on zodiac signs is interesting, perhaps even entertaining, but far from necessary or real. The month one was born has little to do with their focus in life. Thus, modern-day dating could still incorporate Christian values and work for the better.

When you join apt dating sites like, there are some instances whereby users can upload preference lists. However, some sites let you fill out questionnaires as well. These are compatibility quizzes used to synchronize personalities, tastes, and desires with like-minded peers. That said, when dating online, you might not fully vet a likable partner. Once offline, a dating compatibility test comes in handy, drastically reducing timewasting possibilities, making for happy, like-minded relationships.

An Astute Relationship Compatibility Test

There is no template for what compatibility quizzes for couples should cover. Nonetheless, there are a few key elements not to be missed. For instance, being a heavy smoker, perhaps a drug user or pusher, can never end well. It is true regardless of how clean one party is, and even worse when both partners indulge. Here is a sample compatible quiz for couples, and though not exhaustive, it pinpoints key factors to consider.

Try Relationship Compatibility Quiz

  • Vision - Do we have similar or matching future goals?

Yes, No, Maybe, Not sure. If the answer is not sure, you and your partner need to revisit why you decided to be together. Additionally, if you are still chatting online, say on IAmNaughty .com, perhaps you should find other matches.

  • Vices – Do either of us have any? How extreme are his, vis a vis mine? Can it work?

When drugs, gambling, alcohol, or porn addiction is in the picture, compatibility may be far from the problem. Requiring a partner to help you cope with your problem may be easier once you are together. However, building a relationship from scratch, with vices, is profoundly harder.

  • Political Views – Are political inclinations in sync? Do you argue about manifestos?

When couples argue over political issues, they end up polarized. Nothing is more annoying and counterproductive than a failed relationship due to government policies or shady manifestos. Be sure you are not a republican die-hard while he lives and breathes democracy.

Dating Compatibility Test

A dating compatibility test covers what you both have planned for the future. Taking into account zodiac or astrological signs is a timewasting endeavor. Online dating members can quickly see if they match or not with simple tests.

  • Is my partner Faith-oriented? Yes or no?

While seeking faith-based relationships, never compromise on religious beliefs. Although some may argue for a modern-day approach, serious relationships require compatibility of the highest order, including spirituality.

  • Is my partner Marriage-oriented? Yes or no?

Hoping to change a partner you met online and have them focus on marriage is futile. It is also selfish on your part because singles have varying needs. Your partner may wish to remain single for personal reasons, including past failed relationships.

  • I am Gay/Bisexual; will it work?

Of course, such relationships involve one-nighters and almost always revolve around sexual gratification. If you seek a long-term partner for solid marriage purposes, steer clear of any union claiming to be bi, gay, or lesbian. However, if your orientations match, feel free to indulge.

Easily Applicable Compatible Quiz for Couples

Once you find a compatible partner online, syncing your tastes, desires, and life goals are extremely important. It is one thing to take a test online before meeting up and quite another to engage once you begin dating. Again, astrological signs and birthdates do not signify likeness, but personalities and traits do.

You have some flexible hours and some free time, what do you undertake?

  • Shopping

  • Volunteering

  • Visiting family/ friends

  • Spend time with my partner

It is movie night, what are you selecting?

  • Action

  • Horror

  • Sci-Fi

  • Drama

  • Romance

The ultimate romantic thing you would do for your partner.

  • Emotional guidance/support

  • Purchase something nice, even on credit

  • Use old novelties to make him/her a gift

  • Spend quality time, assuring them they are loved

Going out for an intimate night out, how do you decide where to go?

  • We flip; heads or tails

  • Someone chooses – usually her

  • We alternate, today it is me. Them tomorrow

Do you feel you are compatible?

  • Yes

  • No,

  • Maybe a little

  • Does it matter?

Are We Compatible to Date?

The above-listed questions are random checklists showing if you are forcing relationship matters or headed in the right direction. Being compatible to date centers primarily on personality issues, not one’s history or background. Focusing on the following after meeting a seemingly like-minded partner might guide you to the right path.

  • Describe your partner: Are they all-over-the place mentally? Do they focus on life goals or follow the wind?

If your partner cannot stay still and focus on important life matters, chances are you are doomed. Equally important is if you need a support system because you lack focus.

  • Are you intellectually matched?

Do you feel like they are dragging you down mentally, based on being uneducated, slow in thinking, or lacking focus? If your partner’s personality isn’t complimenting yours, you are not compatible to date.

  • Sexual activeness – how often do you indulge?

If you prefer sexual activity several times a day or weekly, and your partner does not, it might lead to frustrations. More importantly, cheating becomes the only alternative, so why date in the first place?

Compatible Quizzes for Couples to Take Together

Let’s focus on faith-based relationships. If you are religious and have found a faith-oriented partner, as yourselves the following:

  1. Do our religious beliefs match, or does one of us filter them to suit their needs?

  2. Am I practicing godly values in the relationship, or are we taking on modern dating instead?

  3. Does my partner agree with my political views, social views, relationship, and career goals?

  4. How do we fair in terms of family values – does he/she attend to family issues with zeal, or are they forced?

Relationship Match Test for All Ages

A more interesting approach to what makes two people compatible might be examining their matches. For example, instead of picking out flaws, or mismatching traits, focus on the positives of your relationships. Because the world embraces straight, gay and lesbian relationships, a relationship match test can be altered based on varying criteria.

Know Sings of Compatibility in a Partner

  1. You and your partner are delayed on a flight home; what is the reaction?

    Some couples pretend that opposites attract, but when one partner tends to flip over everything and the other has to calm them, that is not compatibility. It is babysitting.

  2. You are struggling with something emotionally; what is your partner’s reaction?

    If your partner goes skiing, barhopping, or game-watching when you need emotional support, you are in trouble. Chances are you always support them when they feel down. It is a mismatched and toxic relationship.

  3. You have similar interests, or at least try to be.

    When your partner has to force you to engage in anything they like, it is not a compatible relationship. Couples don’t have to enjoy each other’s hobbies, but being inclined to partake is a sign of being in sync.

Discover Signs of a Toxic Relationship

While seeking to find a serious partner online, we might focus too much on likeability and miss the warning signs. It is refreshing to find a list of tastes matching yours without leaving the house to visit bars. Online dating can be heaven-sent, but signs of toxic relationships lie in the wake.

  • If your partner never mentions family, be it a sibling, cousin, uncle, mother, or father, you might be in for a rude awakening. A healthy-minded man, or woman, has at the very least one family member they engage regularly.

  • Anytime you are involved in physical abuse, run for the hills. Spend no time trying to calm your partner down or making excuses for them. The greatest relationship test centers on abuse, be it physical or verbal.

  • Slowly but surely, you begin to miss out on family events, church attendance is non-existent, and you have cut off most long-time friends. Be sure these changes are yours to make and not his/her influence.

  • Are you compatible with your partner? The greatest test is inherent – a gut feeling. If something feels wrong, it probably is.