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Dating is challenging without having to dive into Christian dating and any other form of niche meetups. On, developers sought to find a way to connect like-minded locals, in this case, Christians, for fun meets. Essentially IAmNaughty is a platform for faith-based relationships, whereby registered members can peruse personals for like-minded people who happen to be in proximity.

Using algorithms to connect nearby users, the site focuses on reducing struggles faced by seeking love connections via mutual friends, for starters. Also, there is the safety factor to be dealt with. Online meetups revolve around safety-enhanced communication, be it via texts, photos, or video messaging. When offline relationships go awry, and members find it difficult locating sane, well-intentioned members near them, they hop on the internet.

Many people register on sites like IAmNaughty to search for young, old, male, female, and even gay Christian dating members. Therefore, the compilation of personals for Christian women dating and Christian dating guidelines are meant to point members in the right faith-oriented direction. If you are hard-pressed finding genuine locals for safe Christian relationships for marriage purposes, fret no more. IAmNaughty dating advice experts have you covered.

Review Our Handy Rules for Christian Dating

Dating a Christian woman need not be challenging, assuming you are somewhat religious yourself. There are countless couples in long-term relationships, hoping for marriages soon, who are not both Christians. The idea is to be like-minded, which does not necessarily imply having the same religious base. It does, however, suggest that partners need to be in harmony regarding each other's needs. Let's examine a few pointers on Christian relationships.

Useful Tips for Christian Dating

  • Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Even the most devout Christians slip at times or struggle to get their footing. If you join IAmNaughty .com, you will encounter and engage hundreds of Christian singles. However, take it all in stride, remembering to focus on the growth of your potential marriage partner. Do not focus on perfection; rather, progress in the right direction.

  • When Christian dating for marriage, couples get overwhelmed when love connections happen too quickly. After making waves online, and planning luncheons and events, it may seem more like lust rather than love. It is okay to be cautious, but remember, God might have answered your prayer faster than you expected - A leap of faith.

  • Capitalize on web-based dating forums. Use sites like IAmNaughty to your safe advantage. Admins on legit platforms vet profiles, so you don't have to. Thus, the matchmaking struggle is real, uses web-based resources to counter barriers, and reduces hurdles to Christian relationships.

How to Date a Christian Woman

  • Dating a Christian woman centers on similar factors revolving around normal, fun meetups with non-Christian women. It involves paying attention to her needs, treating her like a woman as opposed to objectifying her. She is a Christian who needs faith-based approaches, including less lustfulness and more focus on marriage.

  • She has her goals, traits, and quirks. Do not engage in Christian relationships flirting to convert. It means who you see, and date is what you get. If things aren't working out, keep seeking the Lord, but leave her be.

  • If she doesn't boast Christian-based behaviors, do not compromise on yours. Have a list of your moral standing, if you will, physically or mentally, and what you can and cannot compromise. She might be struggling with her faith, and dating her might be detrimental to your Christian-based foundation.

  • Understand her faith beliefs, and be sure to highlight yours. All reservations regarding faith should probably be let out ASAP; do not surprise her later during your relationship. However, always be subtle regarding faith matters.

Some Neat Biblical Dating Advice

It only gets better when godly dating advice is applied in all related matters. Being open-minded allows you and your partner to build lasting love connections regardless of religion. Before diving into biblical relationship advice, and rules, understand what Christian relationships should be about:

  • The man finds time to visit the woman's parents, being mindful of highlighting his intention for her and them.

  • Christian relationships are driven based on church, family, and pastoral guidance.

  • All dating advice for Christian singles points toward serious relationships with a goal in mind. The ultimate biblical dating advice is marriage be the end goal.

Godly Dating Advice – Biblical Stance on Dating

  • 1 Corinthians states that sexual sin is avoided at all costs. It is no secret that Christian dating should involve no fornication whatsoever, pre-marriage. Thus, as you engage that Christian man, or woman online, be sure your intentions are pure.

  • Song of Solomon (2:7) states that we should not rush love, in which case it is either lust, infatuation, or fornication and thus a sin. Let it come naturally, or more specifically, let it be God-sent.

  • James 1: 13-15. Men and women are flawed, Christian or otherwise. It means temptations are abounding, and engaging in Christian relationships will revolve the same. Therefore, godly dating advice states that you need always be wary of temptations, taking them seriously.

  • Lastly, John 14:15 points out - if you love God, you will heed all commandments. Thus, live and date biblically, above any physical and sexual desires.

Dating Advice for Christian Singles

Perhaps the most important elements of Christian dating guidelines are the differences between traditional, conservative Christian relationships and modern dating. For clarification, there should be no compromise on faith, or God's word, when engaged in Christian relationships.

  • Modern-day dating involves trying out different partners, both emotionally and physically. Engaging in faith-based relationships mandates having sexual desires, partaking in said desires, and being intimate mentally with one person. This person has to be your marriage partner.

  • Christian singles remain traditional in the sense of God-given roles. For instance, the man remains the head of the house, the decision-maker, and the woman submissive. When dating online, you will know if you are getting into Christian relationships. It will be based on preference lists, and once dating, how your partner relates to these roles.

  • Christian singles need always remember there is no perfect mate, just the perfect opportunity to become one. As opposed to modern dating, don't seek someone catering to all your needs.

How Should Christians Date – Godly Advice

Faith-based relationships center on the church and the biblical context. It means, unlike modern dating, there is some accountability, either to church elders or family. Faith-based relationships are not private at all, unlike modern dating, whereby couples frown upon anyone offering advice or guidance.

Cultivate Godly Relationships

Single men and women online form relationships based on physical attractions. Faith-based relationships focus on more than physical attraction and stay grounded on spiritual foundations.

  • Join a niche site, or at least one boasting ads from genuine Christian singles. It is profoundly harder to attempt to change someone to fit your faith and beliefs. It remains much easier to focus on marriage, with a like-minded partner, by joining sites like

  • IAmNaughty plays host to over 300,000 active weekly members, meaning you will be spoilt for choice. Of course, not all these members are straight, nor are they Christian singles. These numbers give you plenty of room to work with; thus, you should not have to compromise on your faith.

  • A like-minded, God-fearing single helps you cultivate better habits and grow spiritually. Dating a Muslim or non-believer might lead to slipups rather than the opportunity to witness to or change the other person.

Dating a Christian Man

Need to know how to date a Christian man? It is quite simple; focus on creating a non-tempting environment for your partner. When you browse profiles on IAmNaughty and decide to engage, practice religious values and morals. These sites boast decent communication features, but they need to be used in a non-illicit manner.

  • Do not send Christian man nudes - focus on the scripture. Send scripture readings highlighting your love for God and purpose in life.

  • Getting married allocates rights to sexual intimacy. Christian single men are God-purposed, thus as you link up with them, remember to have your goals in sync or face rejection.

  • Allow him to pray for you, which essentially is praying for your relationship. Also, he may be interested in having you tag along to church. If you fancy him, be sure to follow suit, or it becomes clear you are not God-fearing, and the relationship isn't built on faith at all.

  • A God-Fearing man has flaws, which you are in no position to judge. When he does falter, or slip up, take it in stride. Instead of ridiculing or questioning him about it, support him in his endeavor to be better.

  • Find time to join sites like IAmNaughty and engage Christian singles for long-term relationships today.