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Love is beautiful. It warms the hearts of billions of people worldwide who are lucky enough to love and be loved. One may even say love is the strongest force in the universe (if one isn’t a scientist). But it can also be very interesting and funny. Read the facts about the love we’ll list below. You’ll laugh out loud and have a lot of new conversation topics for your next date.

Interesting Facts About Love

Interesting facts about love, marriages, dating, and dating sites will show you that life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. Learning something interesting about that wonderful emotion will enrich you as a person; you may even become a better lover, who knows. One thing is sure; you will be in the center of attention once you start shooting those facts in front of your friends.

8 Most Interesting Facts About Love

  1. Evolution made love blind on purpose

    Every time two singles form a couple, evolution gives itself a high-five. Why? Because it made fresh couples blind to each other's flaws. Of course, if someone likes torturing puppies for fun, that will raise the alarm, but humans are evolutionarily wired to ignore minor flaws their romantic partner has. The reason is simple, that’s the only way to make couples get to the “attachment stage” (form a strong relationship).

  2. You’re smarter within the first year of love

    Thanks to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) protein, certain nerve cells work better, hence sharpening one’s senses. Although IQ doesn’t increase, brain function does, so we can say our brains work better when love hits them.

  3. Did you notice that your partner smells like your dad?

    It’s scientifically proven that people fall in love with singles who look (a bit) like their parents. Some experts claim the reasons are unresolved childhood issues. But not enough experts talk about the sense of smell. There are theories that we choose partners who smell similar to one of our parents because that gives safety.

  4. Male hormone is responsible for love

    They say men are incapable of love, yet testosterone, the male hormone, is responsible for it. Not directly, but both men and women need to have some testosterone to make a move. Of course, women have much less testosterone than men, but it’s there and pushes them to fight for their (potential) partners.

  5. It’s possible to synchronize heart rate with your partner

    One of the most interesting facts about love is related to eyes and hearths. Eyes are the window to the soul; heath is, well, a symbol of romance. But did you know how they are connected? Next time you’re with your partner, gaze into each other's eyes for 3 minutes without talking. Your heartbeats will synchronize after that. That’s the closest a couple can get to sharing 1 heart.

  6. A hearth can be broken

    Some facts about love are related to breakups. Although it sounds funny, Broken Heart Syndrome is a serious issue. It can occur after a breakup, when somebody close to you dies, or any other scenario in which you may use the “My heart is broken” sentence.

  7. Love makes food taste better

    What if we tell you the problem isn’t your partner’s cooking but your lack of love for them? Calm down, we’re kidding, but there is some truth in that. A study showed that a person who thinks about love while eating feels a different taste than a person who thinks about some negative emotion. In other words, next time you’re in a restaurant with your husband or wife, you can tip each other because you’re partially responsible for the flavor.

  8. Women are into testosterone (no surprises there)

    One of the most famous and interesting facts about love is the connection between testosterone and attraction. Women are attracted to men with higher testosterone levels because a lot of testosterone meant survival in the past.

Funny Facts of Love

  1. The age you lost virginity is a sign if you’ll be happy in love later in life

    Everybody who lost virginity before the age of 19 will question their relationship after reading this. According to some scientists, men and women who were virgins up to 19 are more likely to be happy in love through life. Are you sorry for all the fun you had in high school now?

  2. People who spend most of their lives together start looking like each other

    A bit scary, but an interesting and funny fact about love is connected to long-term relationships. After living together for 25+ years, partners start to look like each other.

  3. “Stupid” men are more likely to cheat on their wife or girlfriend

    Men with high IQ are less likely to cheat than men with lower IQ. Girls, remember, if he cheats, that’s not his fault; the guy may be just stupid.

  4. Next time you get a headache, don’t take a pill; gaze at a photo of your loved one

    Staring at the photo of a soulmate may be the cutest way to relieve pain. Even thinking about someone dear to our heart reduces pain.

  5. Iceland has serious problems with dating between related people

    When the whole country is an island with just 368,792 people living there it’s not so easy to find somebody for dating who isn’t related to you. They have developed an app that shows if two singles from Iceland are related.

Best Facts About Love

After funny facts about love, it’s time to list useful facts.

Facts About Love That Can Make You a Better Lover

  1. Work less; you’ll be better in the bedroom

    One thing is sure about workaholics; they don’t have a lot of sex. At least researchers at the University of Gottingen in Germany claim that. They compared the work and sex habits of 32,000 people and discovered that those who aren’t satisfied with their sex life take on a lot more work to feel fulfilled. Don’t do that. Choose sex overwork. And if you want to be a better lover, stop working so much.

  2. Look into each other eyes while having sex

    Remember the fact about synchronizing heartbeats. Now imagine that happening during sex. That would be mind-blowing.

  3. You’re more creative in the bedroom with someone you love

    People are more relaxed and confident around their long-term partners. Because of high confidence, both men and women are more likely to try something new in the bedroom.

Facts About Love You Can Use Online

  1. Long-distance may strengthen your relationship

    Something interesting about love is related to long-distance relationships and online dating. Staying in touch online strengthens a couple, and it’s a great way to meet each other better.

  2. Love comes in stages

    Love grows slowly, in stages. Online dating is great because of that fact. Being in touch online lets a couple grow together through every stage. In real life, a lot of couples rush, which kills potentially great relationships.

  3. Harvard Grant Study - love is all that matters

    When a study lasts for 75 years, very interesting facts about love, marriages, and dating get discovered. Scientists from Harvard proved that love is all that matters in the end, so there is no point in being ashamed of your “how we met” story if you found something real.

Interesting Facts About Love and Relationships

There are a lot of interesting facts about love. Too many to list here. Still, we want to make you smile with some fun facts about love or give you conversation topics. That’s why we have 2 more lists for you.

Some More Interesting Facts About Love

  • take your jealousy as a sign - jealousy isn’t necessarily a negative emotion; it’s nature’s way of showing you that you care

  • it makes people live longer - single people have 24% more chance to die young

  • it makes us bad at decision making - love “turns off” the amygdala and the frontal lobe of our brains which makes our decision making poor. Next time you mess things up, blame it on love. Use that interesting fact in your favor.

Interesting Facts About Relationships

We left interesting, fun facts about love and relationships for the end:

  • if it takes longer to seduce someone, chances the marriage with that person will last long are great

  • 23% of online dating relationships lead to marriage

  • guys who kiss their women every morning live 5 years longer

  • people in stable long-term relationships are more likely to be successful at their jobs