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One of the things you may often hear among women is, “I just need to understand men.” Maybe you have been in a relationship with a man, and you usually don’t have an idea of what he is thinking, you may be tired of not knowing the things he says and how he says them, or you may want a buy but has all along been sending mixed signals. One thing is for sure; you don’t want to be confused by a man anymore. Additionally, you may also want to know what men look for in a relationship so that you will give him what’s he wants and be the partner he needs.

What Do Men Want?

What Do Men Think About Women?

To women, men can turn out to be complex creatures. This can come as trouble in understanding the ways to communicate with a man and what he wants. Therefore, there are several things men think about women;

  • Stop complaining; you are beautiful. In most cases, men won’t be with you if they don’t find you attractive. They are visual beings, and looks are everything to them. However, there are aspects which every man will prefer in a woman, and this means that women should not stress about a man wanting them.

  • Making the first move. Indeed, even the manliest man would not like to face rejection or even get their feelings hurt. Therefore, men love being given hints that women like them back, and this why they can short their shot or have the woman make the first move.

  • They value compliments. Men need to get confidence from their women, and on the low key, a man does not want their feelings coddled.

With these few things that run through men’s minds, there are probably hundreds of thoughts of men towards women, and it all depends on how a woman can integrate all these.

How Men Think In Relationships

First, men are terrified of relationships. He wonders if he made the right decision, choice, and pressure from single friends push him to value being single. Second, men always value their women more than friends. A guy will understand how lucky he is to be with you and make sure that you are happy first and will always come home. Additionally, a man may act like an idiot when he falls in love very fast, and his mind is not processing it or when he hopes you will break up with him since he may not be treating you right. Finally, when in a relationship, a man is always dedicated to his woman even when he has been hurt before.

What Do Men Want From Women?

All men expect their women to behave in a certain way and understand them perfectly. A man's value is communication as men need a woman who can volunteer information or is quite open. A real man also needs a secure and self-sufficient woman. He also wants a manipulation-free relationship since they are the heads of the families, relationships, and understand what it takes to move forward. They don’t need an opinion about it. Men also expect women to value fidelity and commitment and the willingness to work on a relationship. Finally, men need women who understand how to treat and value a man.

Understanding Men in Relationships

Understanding the Male Mind

The male mind has a singular focus meaning that men focus more on one task before moving to the next. Therefore, when a man is distracted, it takes some time and effort to get back on track. Additionally, a man’s life is viewed as a series of challenges, and seeks out potential threats. A man wants freedom and independence, while a woman needs connection and love. A man craves to enjoy the world or his relationship while also being completely free from any distractions. Additionally, when a man is not financially stable, or his career has not taken shape, he will not feel the entitlement to date.

How to Read a Man

Women need to be watchful of various signs shown by men in several ways;

  • Watching his words meaning that the tone of his voice may always tell you his mood even if he says he is okay.

  • The more time you spend with a man, the more you will understand the turn of events when he is happy, lying, or seeing something attractive.

  • Finding his friends and understanding their nature is another way to read a man, and when they are excited for you, it means the man is serious about you or has a crush on you.

How to Understand Guys

The male mind takes deep psychology to understand. Men love feeling manly, being valued by women, women finding their sense of humor, and most of all, they need support. In most cases, men are threatened by hand to take care of and provide for children that aren’t theirs. Additionally, just as women crave to be treated specially, men also feel the same way and need women who are spontaneous, hardworking, and serious about honesty.

How Do Guys Think?

What Does a Man Want From a Woman He Loves?

  • Men want women to feel protected around them as well as women who need protection from men.

  • Men like it when they are always in the thoughts of their lady and value texts ad messages like “I was thinking about you.”

  • Trust and faith are one of the turn-ons to men, and they want a partner who completely believes in them. A man is likely to love you more when he is seen as dependable and trustworthy.

  • One other thing which men value most is appreciation and encouragement. Whether it is a chore, errand they run, or run through obstacles, they need to be appreciated and encouraged.

What Makes a Man Want a Woman?

Women think that men need women for their sexual pleasures. This is not the primary case. A man may need a woman not unless he is looking for a casual hookup or a one-night stand. Men need companionship and a sense of power. What can make him feel the entitlement to be a gentleman is a woman. A man wants to treat a woman well, support her, and in return, she should be able to do all the womanly stuff for him like cooking, washing the dishes, and offering emotional support. This is all a man desires in a woman other than sex.

What a Man Likes in a Woman

One factor that make men have a strong attraction to ladies is strong femininity, and even a man needs a woman who has a strong feminine look on her. Additionally, men love women who are go-getters and make them feel needed. Yes, some chores are connected to men as well as women. Men need to find a girl who will make their efforts appreciated, for instance, fixing the cabling, the TV, and other manly things. A man also likes commitment and honesty in a woman.

How to Be a Man for Dummies

  • Make good and rea decisions.

  • Put your relationship second and your integrity first. A man should have the capacity to understand himself, prioritize his decisions, and know his duty before he can commit to a woman.

  • Having the willingness to failing order to learn and attain success in the process.

  • Being confident in his undertakings because he is sure that he will succeed.

  • Active expression of love. A man has been made to be an active giver of love and not a passive receiver. A man needs to begin loving a woman through approach and bring energy to it.

  • Facing any fears.

  • Honoring other men’s masculinity.

What Women Should Know About Men?

  • Women need to understand that they can’t change a man’s behavior through nagging but should appeal to his virtue sense.

  • Quiet men do not have something wrong with them, and it’s good to encourage them to express themselves when need be.

  • Women need to know that men are visual creatures, and they are likely to fall in love with beautiful and well-kept women.

  • Men equate work with worth, and this is where most of their respect comes from.

  • Men have to understand that they are needed.


It is not easy for women to understand exactly what men want, their nature, and how they behave. However, the heads-up discussed in the article provide you with tricks you can use on a man to understand him and the nature of men, how to handle them and how to support them.